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she has sex appeal straight from hell
by Sarah A

she has sex appeal straight from hell
doesn’t need anyone to tell her
she feels it inside and out
kisses her soul softly every day
if you want her attention, you better pray
consumed with her own scent
can’t be afraid of her confidence
she has a big heart
but puts up with no shit
she’s a part of life’s rare beauty


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Stability is Within Me
by Reverie Thoughts

You’ll feel those things again
So get out of your head
Go and make your bed
Quit living in regret
Got so much left
A whole life to be spent
Time to embrace my dark side
I’ll do that tonight
Without you in sight
Don’t need you to have a good time


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the shadows that i sleep with
by J K

i think it’s time
to set aside
the notion that i must.
devotion to a trust that i
should, could, or would
if just...

the notion that i am, i can't
i won't, will always be
the stories that i wrote and wove


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fried brains
by Sarah A

pining for the days when i fried my brain
sobriety hasn’t made me less insane
we partied so hard i forgot my name
but i still remember the rules of the game
let's build a time machine just to forget the pain
go to a place where there was nothing to prove or attain
when my thoughts flowed like a steady rain
instead of this never-ending hurricane
remind myself of the lessons i learnt
survival through change is the main point


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by Joe Curry

and i told myself to breathe
because you told me to breathe
and i said to myself i am worth it
because you taught me so
i looked at your beautiful boy in the mirror
and my love for me grew nearer

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Recent Self-love Poems
Leaving eighteen
by Zainab Noor

Leaving eighteen
What is wrong with me?
Every single night before I close my eyes
This question plays in my head on repeat
I know I'll never be able to answer
This question
Because I don't know what is wrong with me...
I don't think there is anything wrong with me

I'm just drowning in a pool of self hate


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an ordinary young man
by aditya vats

My nose is irritated again,
Zack have you seen
the heroin or cocaine

Oh great! He’s passed ou-

Move away! He has overdosed
Get him some help!



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Self love
by Ashley Somba

I'm no narcissist.
I care a lot,
Not for the others,
But for myself.
I believe in love,
Self love alone,
Because it seems to me,
That the rest do not deserve it.
You give them a hand ,
They will rip off your arm.


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I found a girl
by Sarah Pillai

There is a girl
naive, innocent and stubborn
who lives inside me
unaware of the demons of the real world

whenever i sit alone,I'm not really alone
she sits beside me
reminding me  that I'm just alone and not lonely and that she's always gonna stay inside me
she tells me abt how i felt when i was high up in the sky while swinging with my  brother
or when i was cooking with my mother


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Im not giving up
by Karan Shah

You’re the rays to my sun
Youre the dream of eternal fun
My demons have me at gunpoint
Compelling me to run
Your light, makes me feel that
I can still fight
You're worth fighting for
I find peace in your allure
Within me, the confidence you conjure
Your face in my mind


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