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the shadows that i sleep with
by J K

i think it’s time
to set aside
the notion that i must.
devotion to a trust that i
should, could, or would
if just...

the notion that i am, i can't
i won't, will always be
the stories that i wrote and wove


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π’Š π’‚π’Ž π’†π’π’π’–π’ˆπ’‰
by Minnie Mimi

I am enough…
So when you walk stand up straight.. because if u have a hunch in your back it’ll make your words harder to pronounciate
So it's okay to feel vulnerable in places where you are weakened.. have you heard blacker the berry sweeter the juice..well women that come in my condition always keep the Kool-aid sweetened.
Even when you find the words to say that you're not.. be confident in your beauty your π’–π’π’Šπ’’π’–π’†π’π’š π’…π’Šπ’‡π’‡π’†π’“π’†π’π’• you're a sight that cannot be unsought.. and I know I know you're contradicting this thought but that's just because your me.. but I'm also telling you everything there NOT.
Moral of the story sis.. its always been me and you I know I'm just the voice you hear that gets you through and through but I want you to know I'm here for you. you are that lotus that blooms
You are not the sun but you dwell on top of the moon
You are the sea. you are the seashells that float onto the shore from the waves Dupree.


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desert dreams
by Sarah A

i can’t stop dreaming of the desert; penchants of empty spaces and rare faces
no destination in mind i just drive

i can’t stop dancing in between
the middle of everyone i meet;
i never leave the door open
and so no one ever peeks

i don’t know what i am
or where i’m going


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by Joe Curry

and i told myself to breathe
because you told me to breathe
and i said to myself i am worth it
because you taught me so
i looked at your beautiful boy in the mirror
and my love for me grew nearer

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I Must Heal
by Leigh Yah

It all makes sense now
Those nights I deprived myself from sleep
Those days I wondered where and how
And those moments I combat with anxiety.

I lost count of the times I endured infidelity
But that isn't the only case I had to deal with
My vision was clear but I feel like I'm blinded
Too bad, ignoring all the clues became a habit.


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Recent Self-love Poems
Self love
by Ashley Somba

I'm no narcissist.
I care a lot,
Not for the others,
But for myself.
I believe in love,
Self love alone,
Because it seems to me,
That the rest do not deserve it.
You give them a hand ,
They will rip off your arm.


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I found a girl
by Sarah Pillai

There is a girl
naive, innocent and stubborn
who lives inside me
unaware of the demons of the real world

whenever i sit alone,I'm not really alone
she sits beside me
reminding meΒ  that I'm just alone and not lonely and that she's always gonna stay inside me
she tells me abt how i felt when i was high up in the sky while swinging with myΒ  brother
or when i was cooking with my mother


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Im not giving up
by Karan Shah

You’re the rays to my sun
Youre the dream of eternal fun
My demons have me at gunpoint
Compelling me to run
Your light, makes me feel that
I can still fight
You're worth fighting for
I find peace in your allure
Within me, the confidence you conjure
Your face in my mind


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What does it mean?
by Karan Shah

What does it mean
When one says
β€œThat I no longer see
The colors around me”
How does one convey
The feeling of mutual understanding
A swirl of emotions
Stirring within, screaming
To fling open its gates and embrace
A broken, torn soul


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From Within
by Karan Shah

Have you ever loved?
And lost?
Have you ever tried?
No matter how exhausted
You may be
Abandoned Dreams, redacted schemes
The feeling of sadness
Impurifying my being
Like cream, as it mixes
In my coffee


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