Sarah Pillai

June 17, 2004 - india
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I found a girl

There is a girl
naive, innocent and stubborn
who lives inside me
unaware of the demons of the real world

whenever i sit alone,I'm not really alone
she sits beside me
reminding me  that I'm just alone and not lonely and that she's always gonna stay inside me
she tells me abt how i felt when i was high up in the sky while swinging with my  brother
or when i was cooking with my mother
or abt riding up my father's shoulder
she reminds me of the things i seem to push away

she never lets me think wrong abt anyone
cause she's so naive and always thought about everyone the same way
i don't know how to tell her that the world is not as innocent as her soul and not all rainbow and sunshine
it's filled with monsters running wild in disguise of pretty face

i hear her whispering everyday
that ' everything will be fine '
i don't get how shes always so strong
but then she reminds me that
' I'm not someone else I'm you
the you who always saw the smallest light as the brightest shine in the darkest night'

she tells me it's okay to let the guard down
and tells me don't worry you're gonna be alright in the end
even the darkest night has a beautiful moon in it
trust me u r like the moon

and no matter what demons i have to fight I'll keep this girl alive!
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