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by Bleed Green

I spent a day, a day in days;
Last of my childhood ways.
Yet, I was unable to perceive,
A change in me so drastic indeed.

Today ,the sun shines with the same might
But oh! is there the same delight?
Is it difficult for the past to substitute with present?
and bring back those melodious heavens?


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The Present
by Rahul Ranaganath

We all know the path
which had come across.
We live in the present
by the promises of future
and lessons of the past,
If the lessons are weak and
the promises mean to break
The Present has no meaning.
Here is the question
What are you gonna learn


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Soon, I’ll Sleep Again
by Carl Halling

Soon, I’ll sleep again,
I will feel no pain,

For a little time,
Peace will be all mine,

My mind will seek
Freedom from the past,

I’ll be carefree,


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Past, Present, Future
by Emily Jane Brontë

Tell me, tell me, smiling child,
What the past is like to thee ?
'An Autumn evening soft and mild
With a wind that sighs mournfully.'

Tell me, what is the present hour ?
'A green and flowery spray
Where a young bird sits gathering its power
To mount and fly away.'


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In Fragrant Mists
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

In the hall of clocks and mirrors,
Winds of time bring fragrant whispers,
Of midnights of magic moonlight,
And reflections of past delights!

Of golden days when lost in blooms,
And dancing joy in summer rooms!
A blur of green in woodland scene,
And the purple twilights velveteen.


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Recent Past Poems
Us to me
by Supriya Yadav

Yes I'm immature
But I truly loved
Yes I behave childish
But never played with feelings

You said we never met
But I remember those shitt of street
Yes you never loved me
But I remember your window words


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My Favourite Colour
by Dorin Saadat

My favourite colour is his brown skin the blue sky
Before me, my childhood stands,
A colonial entwined with anarchic vines-
Maturing realizations.

What is love? An itch to set your house on fire?

What colour are the walls?
Not brown. Not blue.


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The girl I left behind
by Aishat Yahkub

The girl I left behind
A cherished memory, etched on my mind
The tides of time ripping us apart,
as I drift farther and farther away
Her, a static point on the beach of memories
And I, facing the future on the horizon
The sky our sole connection

With stars in her eyes
A lover of the sunrise


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Pieces on the Hem
by LIndsay B

Fragments on The Hem

The wet and reluctant spring,
Moments of sunshine wrapped up in sharp winds
Ground is soft, plump, engorged with water
God’s gift
Makes it loose, and my hands dig in
And up

There are close spaces


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Time and Memory
by Sharmarke Nur

We are trapped in the past, oblivious to the fact, today is eternity.

The light of the past can only be used to illuminate the futures darkness

Today’s eternity provides the opportunity of perpetual growth

And to utilize the past’s light to travel through the darkness of the future

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