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by PYG's Whisper

I had a dream
I was lost in the desert
I saw your face within the sand dunes
I ran to you, carrying my sorrow
Hope was filling my bones
Tears were watering the drought of my emotions
I was standing beside you
But you were a mirage
And I was all alone once again
That’s when my eyes started to hit my cheeks with guilt


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If hearts could travel
by Nevena Angelova

For those whose love is real like the truth behind their words, every mountain becomes a straight pathway and the deepest of seas become the smallest of puddles

For those whose hearts beat like they wish to be freed from the cage of the human body and mind, they shall cross every forest as every tree moves out of the lover’s way

For those whose fear of the dark and the rain on a journey so long finds no match over the sound of a heartbeat full of hope.

Only for those, the day shall finally come where the heart no longer beats on its own but in harmony and sync with its one and only, true other half.

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11. 16. 18 - My Stardust
by K C

To my stardust,
You were never mine,
But you will always be mine,
At least in a small way.
Remembered in my heart.

When we are with each other,
All my worries run away.
I would spend an eternity in your company.
Your laugh, to the smallest touch.


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Turning The Ache To Anger
by Disha Shree

My mind became an icy wasteland,
The wind howled in my soul,
They wrapped their tentacles so tight,
My heart stopped beating at all.

The feeling was like emotional bankruptcy,
The void enveloped my mind in swirling black,
My dreams and hopes annihilated with the pain,
Me adept at hiding my broken insides? Not at all.


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You knows it’s bad-10/18
by Snakes And ladders

You know it’s bad
When you start imagining
Dreaming about dying
Thinking up scenarios
Of you not being on this planet anymore
Dropping off the edge of the earth
And how good it would feel
And what you’re feeling right now
Your heart sinking
Your screams dissolving into thin air


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Recent Hurt Poems
Haunted Love
by Julz M

I settled on a thought so dreary,
In an empty house that feels so eerie,
The thought was of you,  and of you peering,
Inside my haunted house.

That house is somehow in my mind,
How can somebody be so unkind?
To tear down something that I thought was mine,
Inside my haunted house.


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The Bleeding Pain
by Nancy Altraide

I see you and my heart skip a beat
From pain or Joy, I don't know
But I love to find out
I want to be sure
That this pain I feel is real
You were my second love
You taught me love
Love taught me pain

I see your pain


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My Dear Melancholy
by Catherine Garcia

Oh my dear melancholy please take me away
I have no feelings of feeling the light of day
I'm in a place where yellow is grey
And no one listens to me when I pray
Maybe someone will acknowledge me some day
Or they will notice me when death takes my breath away

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I believe
by Abigail Wolf

I believe in something unseen,
I believe in the impossible,
I believe in miracles, that may never happen

I believe I have a fighting chance,
I believe that I can make an impact on this world,
I believe that people need me,
I believe that I deserve happiness,

This is why I do not stop.


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Battered not Broken
by Carl Sinderby

Battered but not broken,
It's the fear they have awoken,
The bruises hurt the tears commence,
It's only there actions that make no sense,
A life full of pain, Your head filled with blame,
Go take your mind and body,
Go be the chance you take,
All your happiness will be revealed when you make a break,
Don't be broken... take control,
This could be the last chance for parole,


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