Zainab Kareem

August 09, 2005- India

Friend or foe?

Call her friend or call her foe,
Love makes all senses sore
You can take the venom out of her,
But that doesn't stop her from biting
It's embedded in her nature
She's like the stars,
She seems so close yet so far away
Captivating yet away from anyone's grasp,
Steer with caution,
First she breaks your trust and then your heart,
Be naivë, and you'll be ripped apart
She's paved with thorns and needles,
Hurting everyone that comes her way
The more you ponder,
The more it hurts
She never runs away,
She hides until it's safe to come out
Unable to distinguish between pretence and reality,
She ran too fast,
Till her feet carried her away from this beautiful feeling of love
She's an open book,
Only it being written in a language not all can comprehend
She cages her heart with walls,
They are not meant to be broken
These walls are those of a dam,
Break them and the water will rush out
With such force that it will drown everything with it,
And you will be compelled to just stand and watch,
As the world crumbles before your eyes
You chose to dive into this sea,
Why blame the waves for drowning you?
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