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Epitome of Sensuality
by Jayesh Goyal

Her luminous rays melt me into a contented ecstasy, and fill my vision with pulsating light as I whisper, "Not as vivacious as you, sunshine"
Beauty wrapped in the six yards of chiffon, draped over teasing gold, resting in the lingering incline, uttering mysteries through her cacophonous eyes, with the answer beyond the clad, my breath is taken away in response to the marvel of such a canvas
I have seen eyes that paint a picture in my mind, held me captive, led me blind and they have no clue the spell they hold as seconds unfold - it’s as if thoughts could explode in a theme of desire
The forehead's red bindi, splashing colour in my mind, energizing the Lord Krishna in me to play the flute of passions resonating with her silent whispers
Her coloured hair, hiding her ear-ringed softness, dangling with a desire to caress her delicate shoulders
The nape of her neck - concave, erotic, exotic, fragrant - whispers, quietly sings a sensual melody of flaming dreams
I’ll admit of predisposed feelings and palates swamping my mind - desires now expressed in two tones that contrast - doubt found in fabric’s clutch while the skin, kissed by light of summer’s flame, consents much more of her longings and fabric cooperate the silhouettes split between the two - challenging worship in the thoughts to the virtuous or the lascivious
The shapes below textile’s span echo panoramas - neckline hinting nothing more than potential held within, as the curves speak to desires now suppressed
Sensual beauty, as my fingers traced with exquisite poetic strokes of the keyboard, creating of her - a sonnet of longing, for me to read over and over
To live and breathe ecstasy…To feel its power of desire and excitement and fire!


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Mr. Darcy
by Victoria Chang

Then we are in the back seat of a car kissing
not the light kind but one where our
hands are on each other's cheeks holding
each other's heads as if they will fall

off why does so much love come at the beginning
then disappear then once again at the moment
before death why can't the same kind exist
in between in the breaths in the


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by Noah Trist

Bring the wine, a symphony in a glass,
Where time stands still, moments to amass,
Ripening grapes, their destined purpose in mass,
A taste of eternity, a love that will last.

I defy the taxman's relentless plea,
My dignity's price, I'll pay with glee,
You can't strip me of my autonomy,
For my treasure is mine, and I'm carefree.


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Beat Of My Heart
by Camron Thompson

The way heart beats, will I survive longer?
Feelings that I hope to soon forget
Revisions or not, will I continue forward?
Senses of relief breaking away from under
Under the skin arises once sought out
Meanings are only attached to be assumed
The liveliness of our two worlds colliding
Flames inside me spark to ignite a fire
Will I burn, if so, please as the sun?
Disingenuous to not be, do I really feel this?


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My Heart's Desire
by Jesher Samayla

In life,
Where full of options,
When felicity with satisfaction,
How miserable set things to be.

You'll never know the unforeseen,
Til' you meet them to overseen.
I wish, I could turn back time,
For me to take my time.


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Recent Desire Poems
by Michael R. Burch

These are poems about young love, written through the eyes of youth, The first poem, "Smoke" was written in my early teens, around age 13 or 14.

by Michael R. Burch

The hazy, smoke-filled skies of summer I remember well;
farewell was on my mind, and the thoughts that I can't tell
rang bells within (the din was in) my mind, and I can't say
if what we had was good or bad, or where it is today ...
The endless days of summer's haze I still recall today;


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Romantic Poetry (II)
by Michael R. Burch

by Michael R. Burch

Have you tasted the bitterness of tears of despair?
Have you watched the sun sink through such pale, balmless air
that your heart sought its shell like a crab on a beach,
then scuttled inside to be safe, out of reach?

Might I lift you tonight from earth’s wreckage and damage
on these waves gently rising to pay the moon homage?


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Purpose & Desire
by Jeff Bresee

Nothing can stop the unquenchable fire,
fed by the flame of the deepest desire.

Born of a purpose, intent that is true
in the one who's determined to do what they do.

One who believes it can always be done.
One who won't quit till the battle is won.

One who gets up every time that they fall.


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Love Story
by V Wanderlust

Could she wear roses in her hair?
Could she dance around the fire?
Would the moon cast shadows
Or sit quiet examining from the sky?

She handed back the key.
She didn’t know why.
Again and again she passed it back.
Once he took it,
They said goodbye.


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what i desire the most
by Sirena V

i think of how i want to love
how God loves
and feel the constant need to know
how God knows.

i think of what it would mean to be the giver of justice,
to be the most merciful,
and the most forgiving.

but, God is not so kind.


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