Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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I wanna do bad things with you

Her eyes were always tempting, speaking drunken lusts swooning intoxication - scented skin, her poison ivy patchouli
As I grab her hair and kiss her lips, putting my tongue into use
As I travelled from neck, down to her pierced belly button - onto her toes
Calloused fingertips trace the silhouettes of smooth, contrasting thighs
They navigate her rounded hips with unexplainable fascination
Start licking my way back up her thigh, reaching the treasure that waits to be ravished
She moans in the breeze; she begins to get wild
As my tongue darts in and out - moans and screams of ecstasy resonate with my infatuations - sparkling wine suckles, savor tongue glides
I tasted all her innocence, without a spoken word
She holds my head tight, telling not to stop as I slurp her femininity excitedly
Leaving the scent of her roses onto my lips as I kiss her deep
She begged to be rougher so that her pleasure would multiply
Trading postures, her legs appeared above my face and I was engulfed between them
Pleasuring her as best I could with my hungry tongue
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