Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Epitome of Sensuality

Her luminous rays melt me into a contented ecstasy, and fill my vision with pulsating light as I whisper, "Not as vivacious as you, sunshine"
Beauty wrapped in the six yards of chiffon, draped over teasing gold, resting in the lingering incline, uttering mysteries through her cacophonous eyes, with the answer beyond the clad, my breath is taken away in response to the marvel of such a canvas
I have seen eyes that paint a picture in my mind, held me captive, led me blind and they have no clue the spell they hold as seconds unfold - it’s as if thoughts could explode in a theme of desire
The forehead's red bindi, splashing colour in my mind, energizing the Lord Krishna in me to play the flute of passions resonating with her silent whispers
Her coloured hair, hiding her ear-ringed softness, dangling with a desire to caress her delicate shoulders
The nape of her neck - concave, erotic, exotic, fragrant - whispers, quietly sings a sensual melody of flaming dreams
I’ll admit of predisposed feelings and palates swamping my mind - desires now expressed in two tones that contrast - doubt found in fabric’s clutch while the skin, kissed by light of summer’s flame, consents much more of her longings and fabric cooperate the silhouettes split between the two - challenging worship in the thoughts to the virtuous or the lascivious
The shapes below textile’s span echo panoramas - neckline hinting nothing more than potential held within, as the curves speak to desires now suppressed
Sensual beauty, as my fingers traced with exquisite poetic strokes of the keyboard, creating of her - a sonnet of longing, for me to read over and over
To live and breathe ecstasy…To feel its power of desire and excitement and fire!
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