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by official Distila

dear in-law

receive my greetings
tell thy sister am taken
tell her I've quit her stories
tell her she didn't care
tell her her love was too much
tell her she weirdly cooked
tell her she was filled with obsession
tell her I loved her warm welcome


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An angel in disguise
by Reem Khalaf

She took my hands I was 9
Giving me her other bud
And telling me just listen and enjoy the ride
Close your eyes and let me take you to the moon
She a woman of her words
Putting my feet above the clouds
And pushing me from the moon
Back to earth on my hands and knees
Waving and smiling from the moon back at me
looking up at her with my split temple


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Theater Of Life
by Ankwasa Harlord

Theater Of Life

We met as strangers stranded in the park,
Lonely as the night -
Wandering in wonder, will the train surface?
1:35am she thought to provide me warmth
Open arms, I drowned beneath her chest.

We sang, imitating the birds in the far away forest,
The wind sang along in uniformity, blended we thought!


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ONCE A LOVER, NOW A DEVIL by Richie Kharis
by Richie Kharis

She told him "I hate you," but he took it as a joke
Her smile was deceiving and her voice was relieving
He only saw an angel with a figure like an eight
And never bothered to take note of her repeated joke

He told her, " Look, I love you—I'll take a blow for you."
But she looked at him smiling as if his words were untrue
Yes, I know, but I still hate you because that is what I do
Again, he waved, but this time those words came sinking through 
I see you working, defending me, and fighting for me


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Realise not understand
by Femme Mcbridge

I can never be clever,
When I am ur lover,
With you wanting to be my master,
Whom I suspect to be a winger,
You encompass my life to be a thriller,
For people to Smule,
With a ban for smile,
A ban to be real me.
I decided to give cathedral thinking,
Longing for my Lochinvar,


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Recent Betrayal Poems
David and Bathsheba (Part 3)
by Pilgrim Roy

He who’d killed lions and a giant man
was slain by this beautiful woman.
Her pure loveliness had captured his soul
and now he had to face sins awful toll.

But he schemed and contrived and planned.
Gave no thought to the fact that he’d be damned
when he told the captain of his great army,
“Send Uriah her husband home to me”


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A Sonnet 11: About Nothing Changes Her Love For Me
by Ayatullah Nurjati

When I see her face there is a shade
When I hear her voice, I feel comfortable in my heart
When I see her smile I feel sunshine and never fade
When I see point of view of her life that inspire my heart

Nothing has changed in her like spring which displays the beauty of the scent of flowers
Nothing has changed her feelings and love for me
Nothing has changed about my feelings to her like leaves that always grow on each stem and they are water proofers
Nothing changes day after day, month after month, year after year her feelings for me


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by N Jacob

So sweet like pies,
But truly just full of flies,

Words that look of a rose,
Until the nostrils assaulted with the decompose,

My heart liked to wander,
And you liked to squander,

I never thought such a flower scent,


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by Ashley Somba

She built walls so high,
She took her time,
Brick by mortar by brick,
Slowly building and reinforcing,
Making sure that her structure is strong.

After all the building,
She plastered her walls,
Covered and smoothened with gold,
So shiny ,so beautiful but so strong.


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Self love
by Ashley Somba

I'm no narcissist.
I care a lot,
Not for the others,
But for myself.
I believe in love,
Self love alone,
Because it seems to me,
That the rest do not deserve it.
You give them a hand ,
They will rip off your arm.


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