Ankwasa Harlord

February 18, 2001 - Kabale
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Theater Of Life

Theater Of Life

We met as strangers stranded in the park,
Lonely as the night -
Wandering in wonder, will the train surface?
1:35am she thought to provide me warmth
Open arms, I drowned beneath her chest.

We sang, imitating the birds in the far away forest,
The wind sang along in uniformity, blended we thought!
Utopia was now newly found home, surely us alone existed -
My queen and I King made our wishes under the stars
And everything seemed alright.

Sometime in March 2023, queen relinquished the King -
Anointed he a wolf,vampire,demon...
Slain he for merely loving she, unconditionally to hold on forever
She never looked back, to see the hell of a life
Acidic to the lungs, suffocate he to death -
A walking dead in the open, such is the theater of life!

© Ankwasa Harlord
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