Daniel Nyamai

Shreds of Innocence

Written by Lynn Kebrown, posted under her request. (Fiction)

Lynn narrates ...

I could have never imagine he would do that to me. I was in my room dressing up just after showering. Lemmie take you back a bit,earlier that day I was at the farm on a supervisory duty where I ended up joining the casuals. So basically, I was really tired not to mention hungry and only a cold shower and a good meal could save me. I knew Tec wasn't at home since he had earlier mentioned that he was going to see his girlfriend so,definitely there was no food at home. Down the market I dragged myself and got a basket full of fruits and vegetables and headed home. It was dark, really dark.

I live in this mtaa where everybody knows everyone hence darkness gave me no chills,safety is guaranteed. I dropped the basket on the kitchen floor and hungrily grabbed a toast left on the plate over breakfast, that was good enough to get me showering. Past the corridors to the bathroom I went and took a quick one.

The front door opened and since only me and my brother Tec had the keys to the apartment, I did squeak so I continued dressing. With a loud bang, it was closed shortly. I have known Tec to be that guy who if he gets angry, everything and everyone around him will feel his wrath and anger. He is that one hot tempered dude who can do mass destruction within a minute so whenever he gets angry, distancing myself from him is what I know best. I didn't bother though, it was probably one of those days.

As I pulled up my pants, my door flew open and there he stood, his face was turning red and veins protruded. "Oh boy,what have they done to you this time", I thought to myself.
" There's a nicer of coming in you know, like knocking the door gently like this,"


"Wooo,hold your horses young man,am your sister not one of your hit and runs,nini umefanyiwa?" I asked

"Yes a sister mwenye I've loved from childhood and would really turn me on when you pass with your shorts showing your excellent curves, firm breasts and the times with your sharp nipples, c'mon Sam don't tell me you've never noticed......" He continued

This dropped me to the ground. Is this the same Tec that carried me in his arms when mum passed on before I could become of age? Was this the same same Tec who mercilessly had some niggas beaten up for messing around with......
"Leo, Rina ameniita fuckboy simply because I called her your name while holding her tits", he interrupted.

I couldn't believe it. In a flash, I was at the floor,hands glued to the ground Tec over me. He was pulling down my pants with his knees and as much as I was fighting him,he was too strong for me. With my own pant, he tied my hands against the bad and with his belt, tied my left leg on the same. I screamed for help,I begged him to stop, I looked direct into his eyes pleading. Tec was already an animal hungry for food and was unstoppable. Throb through another I sobbed,feeling like my uterine walls were being sliced by a blade. He was moaning in pleasure, his profuse sweat falling on me. I was raped by my own blood brother. That who was left behind by my mum to take care of me,protect me and guard me with his own life. I was wrong.

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