Joyce Stiles Spencer

Tecumseh, Oklahoma, USA

My Ship Has Sailed

Launched on a Sunny day, when we were in our teens, loaded with love and all our dreams. You plotted our course I set the sail: I stood beside you, we could not fail. As we sailed through life, the seas were sometimes rough; but we had each other, this was always enough. We navigated life's course. Our dreams were coming true. You always at the helm. I anchored for you. Always together side by side; until life's greatest storm. You sailed away, alone. My world is empty and torn. Your dreams are real. They live in others and me, an anchor, lost! alone! at sea! My ship has sailed, without me!! The Golden Years It's been so many years, my how time has flown; Since we Graduated High School and struck out on our own. We have followed our dreams, we experienced love and life. We have made our own way through trouble, joy, and strife. Some continued their education, others entered the work force. Glad that we are Americans, we have freedom of choice. Our lives have been so busy, raising a family, getting ahead; Doing our best, for the family, and what the good book said. Down this long road we've traveled, experienced laughter, pain and tears. Not knowing the day or night we entered our Golden Years.
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