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Teaches Of Children
by Sr. Darwin D. Smith

And to reason of corruption
the public I aware.
For there is lack of teaching
in this poem I bare
Is education worthless when
there is no sense of direction
Where do they as children fit in,
I do so share...
And to reasons of corruption
children are exposed to wrong doings


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Family First
by Ouida Nell Greene

One of the most heart felt feelings is
Putting your family first
It doesn't require a scholar or math whiz
To recognize one suffering from thirst
Whether it be for liquid or love
My parents put family first with education
Taught about respect and God above
About land and its preservation
And about family and friends
Sharing the present and the past


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The First Lady Of The United States Of America
by Leonides S. Sales

H igh powered lawyer absolutely beautiful with a golden heart
I ntelligent, woman of excellence with impressive personality
L oving kind and caring mother, Chelsea pride and joy charming daughter
L iberal, a woman of courage great ability fighter for a good cause
A diplomat, model human being, energetic modest and supportive
R emarkable service devoted of faith to your family and country
Y ale university alumna staff lawyer Senate Watergate committee 1974 R ecognized expert on children's issues, education and legal rights
O utstanding achievements an inspiration of younger generation
D emocrat, a working woman a marvelous job, good Samaritan
H ighly regarded reputation happy women smile and the world is yours


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internet education
by Bogdan Dragos

There was a knock in the door
at about six AM

He wouldn't have opened if
he didn't check
through the peephole. It was
his aunt. Why would
she visit at a time
like this?


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The Cambaroora Star
by Henry Lawson

So you're writing for a paper? Well, it's nothing very new
To be writing yards of drivel for a tidy little screw;
You are young and educated, and a clever chap you are,
But you'll never run a paper like the CAMBAROORA STAR.
Though in point of education I am nothing but a dunce,
I myself -- you mayn't believe it -- helped to run a paper once
With a chap on Cambaroora, by the name of Charlie Brown,
And I'll tell you all about it if you'll take the story down.

On a golden day in summer, when the sunrays were aslant,


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Recent Education Poems
Writer of Manifestos
by Ian McCleary

My Drawing 1 professor introduced me to the 99 Dada Manifestos of Tristan Tzara. I believe that most of what stuck with me from my art education was my inner desire to rebel.
And what I write today are the continuation of Dada Manifestos started in the 1910's. Dada Manifestos that lay bare the lack of creativity in today's culture and what is needed to change that.

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Box to box
by Michael Amato

The words gamboled away from the worksheet,
From the desk it evanesced, made retreat,
Lecture rambled on, the desk left the floor,
My cell now bereft, immurement no more,

Inhuman eyes; I ran tossed from demise,
The box was the path, they proselytized,
To stray from it fatal, lost in the try,
I won’t fit your labels, cross from the lies,


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Chemistry Class
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

Now it seems they see that Chemistry
Is much more worse than pythagoras and
That they have to deal with questions
Much difficult than balancing equations.
And they have to master the periodic table
While no one cares if they are able.
And they have to master protons and neutrons,
Not to leave out anions and ations.
And to speak of the Avogadro's number;


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My beautiful garden
by Roger Haule

My Beautiful Garden

That garden of beautiful flowers,
That garden of pleasant rays,
That garden of strong roots,
To cherish in light years,
Is jerk of living souls.

My garden of beautiful flowers,
In mid Of photogenic process,


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African child
by Roger Haule

African Child

African child is like rat,
Unaware heading to hungry cat,
Hiding openly in dense forest,
Waiting eagerly to elate gut,
Fight fight you brave descendant .

Child Parents are godly important,
Never ever in earthy act,


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