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God Sent Us A Savior
by Clarice Reid Hart

If our greatest need were money,
God would have sent a banker.
If our greatest need were pleasure and fun,
God would have sent us an entertainer.
If our greatest need were food,
God would have sent us a chef and farmer.
If our greatest need were education,
God would have sent us an educator.
God looked beyond our needs and into our sin sick soul.
He sent us a Savior to behold.


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by Jonathan Tafreg

Enlightenment is essential in overcoming
Darkness which is the most scariest and
Ugliest of all that obscures human
Character and personality whereby
A man who trades wisdom for
Taboos and a bag of idiocies
Is as useless as a curse and
Omen that stands before the prosperity of the


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Ch 07 On The Effects Of Education Story 16
by Saadi Shirazi

A pious man happened to pass near a rich fellow who had a slave and was just chastising him after having tied his feet and hands. He said: ‘My son, God the most high and glorious has given a creature like thyself into thy power and has bestowed upon thee superiority over him. Give thanks to the Almighty and do not indulge in so much violence towards the man because it is not meet that in the morn of resurrection he should be better than thyself and put thee to shame.’

Be not much incensed against a slave.
Oppress him not, grieve not his heart.
Thou hast purchased him for ten dirhems
And hast not after all created him by thy power.
How long is this command, pride and power to last?
There is a Master more exalted than thou.
O thou owner of Arslan and of Aghosh,
Do not forget him who is thy commander.


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TThank You, Teacher
by Julia Shaw

Thank You, Teacher
Julia Shaw

We teachers all on knowledge dine
And we unlock our students' minds.
So they can reach the path divine
We really are of a special kind.

We are mentors that prompt their yearning
Reading is a skill that we must impart.


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A Country School
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

A quaint, one room, busy place,
Full of good old southern grace,
Lay to the east of Hawthorn Hill,
Somewhat beyond the daffodills.
Over a field and past the cows,
Beneath the deep magnolia boughs;
Beside smooth, clear Crab Creek,
In the shadow of Cheyenne Peak;
Down a tree lined country lane,
Stood the school of Miss Chamberlain.


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Recent Education Poems
Box to box
by Michael Amato

The words gamboled away from the worksheet,
From the desk it evanesced, made retreat,
Lecture rambled on, the desk left the floor,
My cell now bereft, immurement no more,

Inhuman eyes; I ran tossed from demise,
The box was the path, they proselytized,
To stray from it fatal, lost in the try,
I won’t fit your labels, cross from the lies,


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Chemistry Class
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

Now it seems they see that Chemistry
Is much more worse than pythagoras and
That they have to deal with questions
Much difficult than balancing equations.
And they have to master the periodic table
While no one cares if they are able.
And they have to master protons and neutrons,
Not to leave out anions and ations.
And to speak of the Avogadro's number;


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My beautiful garden
by Roger Haule

My Beautiful Garden

That garden of beautiful flowers,
That garden of pleasant rays,
That garden of strong roots,
To cherish in light years,
Is jerk of living souls.

My garden of beautiful flowers,
In mid Of photogenic process,


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African child
by Roger Haule

African Child

African child is like rat,
Unaware heading to hungry cat,
Hiding openly in dense forest,
Waiting eagerly to elate gut,
Fight fight you brave descendant .

Child Parents are godly important,
Never ever in earthy act,


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Independent Africa
by Roger Haule

Independent Africa.

The African food is hard to cook,
with bare hands we hire a chief,
To stave years when stricken back.

It's maltitude years to go ahead
We move fast in no speed
We watching and debating aside
YES! To wait first world decide


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