Joyce Johnson-Merryweathe

Orem, Utah

Mysteries Of Mother Earth

Who spins her on her axis?
Who knows if she might stop?
Who knows if she might quake or spew?
Who knows if she might stop?

Our mighty earth holds secrets
No one can understand
Is she a concept of a God
And formed by His own hand?

Was earth's origin a gas
That gathered years of dust;
Or is shone of many worlds?
What theory can we trust?

Do you listen for earth's secrets
On quiet summer nights?
When stars are twinkling brightly,
Do you see her secret lights?

From whence did all the people come
To live upon earth's face?
Why are they so different
In color, size, and race?

Are we divine creations
Or does nature hold the key?
Did someone send us hear to live?
What is our destiny?

What is the purpose of earth life
So many want to know.
The earth's our home for a short span'
Then, where do our spirits go?

The hope of all mankind has been
That death is not the end.
Will there be life again for all;
Sometime, somewhere, what then?

Do you ever get the feeling,
As you ponder earth's great power;
That earth's creator knows the law
And governs every hour.

Technology has changed our world;
New-age answers we now find, Yet,
Earth's mysteries are still hidden
From the ever-searching mind.
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