Irmgard Elizabeth Spirk

St. Louis, MO

The New Year

Dazzles light mine-your eyes quick fast sparkle
Glistening knowledge joyous God High
We amaze soft laughing brim satisfied full
As around us all light too-full joyous nigh

Soft patter footsteps left behind weary heaviness
As new fallen white soft snow anticipates our weighted gravity to
And we joyous light laugh-His Free Acknowledge Gift suppleness
In reminiscences learned expanse gain-now-ever new

Lightly and bright hands touch hands
Softly ever warming hearts embark so
Truth This God Now Know brim every one's demands
Here under God's spotlight radiance reflected in His Loving Glow

This man Jesus we light to brim ponder
Was He a righteous soldier?
Or was He God's Light among nations among men?

Women soft adoring rectitude He-Oh-He
Men-dignity Light-God's Glow
And God's to human fee?
This ardour blessed earth-humility-truth-now-Oh.....

Now as Lights this Eve again Merrily
Joyous hearts-new though refrain
Journey-one and all -Lights morning starlight's glee
This Eve-His Mercy-Our humble know know-All's Gain

Forth steps soft footed barefooted now
New soft white glistening falling quiet snow
Morning starlight merrily twinkles All and the snow laden bows
Melts mine blessed heart joyously white fall pure-God-Here-Low

Abouts nature's uproar in soft quiet
Gleams the ever more glow morning star
Abouts none and nothing frets
Only peaceful unity with-space-full-love-space-Are...

Innocence childhood Blake's experience
And I kindle in fires disjointed
For what then !!!?!!! -A human pretense???!???
The Lord In Callous Honesty-A Stable Bed Anointed!

This Eve near indescribable
Mine fervor mine ego zeal only You-I Pray-Lord
For I alone am not-in any way-capable
Yet By Thy Grace Jesus perhaps I too a blessing afford

This gift-life namely
An effervescent infinite numbered star shine hue
Of more than imaginable exploration speed size-colour-How Life Pleas!
And morning starlight significant confidences boldly pursue!

Sa as gain-necessarily He
For no o'er door
To Heaven's glow free
We... All.... Low.... Alive....Poor
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