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On Receipt Of My Mother's Picture
by William Cowper

Oh that those lips had language! Life has pass'd
With me but roughly since I heard thee last.
Those lips are thine- thy own sweet smiles I see,
The same that oft in childhood solaced me;
Voice only fails, else, how distinct they say,
'Grieve not, my child, chase all thy fears away! '
The meek intelligence of those dear eyes
(Blest be the art that can immortalize,
The art that baffles time's tyrannic claim
To quench it) here shines on me still the same.


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The Treasure Of Life
by Olive Walters

Life is a journey
A journey of time
Where a heart needs another
To give it a shine

We're all on a journey
With two paths to take
One that is right
And the one that can break


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Michael: A Pastoral Poem
by William Wordsworth

If from the public way you turn your steps
Up the tumultuous brook of Greenhead Ghyll,
You will suppose that with an upright path
Your feet must struggle; in such bold ascent
The pastoral mountains front you, face to face.
But, courage! for around that boisterous brook
The mountains have all opened out themselves,
And made a hidden valley of their own.
No habitation can be seen; but they
Who journey thither find themselves alone


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The Refusal Of Charon
by William Edmondstoune Ayto

Why look the distant mountains
So gloomy and so drear?
Are rain clouds passing o’er them,
Or is the tempest near?
No shadow of the tempest
Is there, nor wind nor rain—
’Tis Charon that is passing by,
With all his gloomy train.

The young men march before him,


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The Passionate Man's Pilgrimage
by Walter. Ralegh

1 Give me my scallop shell of quiet,
2 My staff of faith to walk upon,
3 My scrip of joy, immortal diet,
4 My bottle of salvat{.i}on,
5 My gown of glory, hope's true gage,
6 And thus I'll take my pilgrimage.

7 Blood must be my body's balmer,
8 No other balm will there be given,
9 Whilst my soul, like a white palmer,


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Recent Journey Poems
family road trip
by Sarah A

prayers for roadkill
fifty states of license plates
home is the journey

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Soul Excursion
by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

Descending from the ethereal heaven
As all naturals and celestial
My spirit sneaked into the artificial garb
With subtle body energies
Suspended as an infinitesimal being...

In the vast nothingness of the infinite cosmos
Existence hangs in balance,
Scattered in multiple parts of human life-
Small or big parts of the whole


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Journey of Souls
by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

On a distant horizon
mysteriously written are
intricate words
in somber sentences
of the destination.

We are inching towards
a stretch


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Here's a few for the road.
by Peter Henderson

Here’s a few for the road,

A road taken before,

With destination unknown.

Divergence from breaths of milk bottle comfort,

The journey is shared,


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

The shadows were creeping like golden summer,
Upon arising covertly, from crimson dawn mists,
And they shrank at noon to a realm just under,
Then idly resumed, their daring sunshine risks,
'Til plum twilight, and a kingdom they'd missed!

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