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by Charlotte Brontë

A Short Poem or Else Not Say I

True pleasure breathes not city air,
Nor in Art's temples dwells,
In palaces and towers where
The voice of Grandeur dwells.

No! Seek it where high Nature holds
Her court 'mid stately groves,
Where she her majesty unfolds,


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A Tree Telling Of Orpheus
by Denise Levertov

White dawn. Stillness.When the rippling began
      &nbs p;   I took it for sea-wind, coming to our valley with rumors
      &nb sp;   of salt, of treeless horizons. But the white fog
didn't stir; the leaves of my brothers remained outstretched,
   & nbsp;       &n bsp;       &nb sp;Yet the rippling drew nearer – and then
my own outermost branches began to tingle, almost as if
fire had been lit below them, too close, and their twig-tips
were drying and curling.
      & nbsp;       &n bsp;       &nb sp;       Yet I was not afraid, only


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The Treasure Of Life
by Olive Walters

Life is a journey
A journey of time
Where a heart needs another
To give it a shine

We're all on a journey
With two paths to take
One that is right
And the one that can break


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by John Donne

Sweetest love, I do not go,
For weariness of thee,
Nor in hope the world can show
A fitter love for me;
But since that I
Must die at last, 'tis best
To use myself in jest
Thus by feign'd deaths to die.

Yesternight the sun went hence,


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In Defence Of The Bush
by Banjo Paterson

So you're back from up the country, Mister Lawson, where you went,
And you're cursing all the business in a bitter discontent;
Well, we grieve to disappoint you, and it makes us sad to hear
That it wasn't cool and shady -- and there wasn't whips of beer,
And the looney bullock snorted when you first came into view --
Well, you know it's not so often that he sees a swell like you;
And the roads were hot and dusty, and the plains were burnt and brown,
And no doubt you're better suited drinking lemon-squash in town.
Yet, perchance, if you should journey down the very track you went
In a month or two at furthest, you would wonder what it meant;


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Recent Journey Poems
that love
by Miki Vermeulen

How lucky I am to have experienced such pure, genuine love,
Which showed me what true love should look and feel like.
I might not currently receive that love,
But one day, I will find someone who can give me that love eternally.

I love intensely,
I used to think that was a flaw, but I now see it as my best trait.
Because I finally love myself,
And though I am saddened by losing my other half,
I am learning how to be whole alone.


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Reflections on Resilience
by Samel Yugalin Emrys

I feel sad, oh, I feel sad,
Don’t shun me, for I'm mad, I'm mad.
Yes, I've had my share of strife,
That's why I carry this heavy life.

I lived by the red river's flow,
In a castle where darkness did grow.
Don't judge me for the past I had,
I dwelled with the wastrels, and it was sad.


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The Drifter
by Samel Yugalin Emrys

Dark, lonely road it was, drifting;
Wondering about the life I could've had, worrying.
Nothing matters now when nobody cares, but
Nothing in my life was scarce, and who cares.

Dark as the night and mighty as a knight, my life,
Weary it was as I lost my sight, my soul,
Wavered as I am no good at kiting, my love, but
Nothing in my life was scarce, and who cares.


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Alone, I wept and confronted my plight
by Adison Ahuja

In the depths of struggle, I confronted my plight,
With trepidation and uncertainty, my soul bled.
Alone, I wept, fears concealed, hidden from sight.

Weeks stretched on, casting shadows of blight,
As I grappled with the weight that lay ahead.
In the depths of struggle, I confronted my plight.

Fearful of disappointing, my heart took flight,
Desiring to honor those who believed in me, I pled.


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family road trip
by Sarah A

prayers for roadkill
fifty states of license plates
home is the journey

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