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Reaching For The Stars
by Jodi Davis

I am looking past the moon.
I am reaching for the stars.
The journey is worth the effort,
The distance is not that far.
I go as far as my body takes me,
My imagination lifts me the rest of the way.
The stars are constant, faithful friends,
Guiding and showing the way.
I've heard it said,
"Stars are the forgot-me-nots of angels",


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Stella Flammarum: An Ode To Halley's Comet
by William Wilfred Campbell

1 Strange wanderer out of the deeps,
2 Whence, journeying, come you?
3 From what far, unsunned sleeps
4 Did fate foredoom you,
5 Returning for ever again
6 Through the surgings of man,
7 A flaming, awesome portent of dread
8 Down the centuries' span?

9 Riddle! from the dark unwrung


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To My Enemy
by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Let those who will of friendship sing,
And to its guerdon grateful be,
But I a lyric garland bring
To crown thee, O, mine enemy!

Thanks, endless thanks, to thee I owe
For that my lifelong journey through
Thine honest hate has done for me
What love perchance had failed to do.


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Cuchulain's Fight With The Sea
by William Butler Yeats

A man came slowly from the setting sun,
To Emer, raddling raiment in her dun,
And said, "I am that swineherd whom you bid
Go watch the road between the wood and tide,
But now I have no need to watch it more."

Then Emer cast the web upon the floor,
And raising arms all raddled with the dye,
Parted her lips with a loud sudden cry.


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Collection Of Six Haiku
by Matsuo Basho

Waking in the night;
the lamp is low,
the oil freezing.

It has rained enough
to turn the stubble on the field

Winter rain


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Recent Journey Poems
Reflections on Resilience
by Samel Yugalin Emrys

I feel sad, oh, I feel sad,
Don’t shun me, for I'm mad, I'm mad.
Yes, I've had my share of strife,
That's why I carry this heavy life.

I lived by the red river's flow,
In a castle where darkness did grow.
Don't judge me for the past I had,
I dwelled with the wastrels, and it was sad.


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The Drifter
by Samel Yugalin Emrys

Dark, lonely road it was, drifting;
Wondering about the life I could've had, worrying.
Nothing matters now when nobody cares, but
Nothing in my life was scarce, and who cares.

Dark as the night and mighty as a knight, my life,
Weary it was as I lost my sight, my soul,
Wavered as I am no good at kiting, my love, but
Nothing in my life was scarce, and who cares.


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Alone, I wept and confronted my plight
by Adison Ahuja

In the depths of struggle, I confronted my plight,
With trepidation and uncertainty, my soul bled.
Alone, I wept, fears concealed, hidden from sight.

Weeks stretched on, casting shadows of blight,
As I grappled with the weight that lay ahead.
In the depths of struggle, I confronted my plight.

Fearful of disappointing, my heart took flight,
Desiring to honor those who believed in me, I pled.


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family road trip
by Sarah A

prayers for roadkill
fifty states of license plates
home is the journey

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Soul Excursion
by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

Descending from the ethereal heaven
As all naturals and celestial
My spirit sneaked into the artificial garb
With subtle body energies
Suspended as an infinitesimal being...

In the vast nothingness of the infinite cosmos
Existence hangs in balance,
Scattered in multiple parts of human life-
Small or big parts of the whole


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