Spring Lake, North Carolina, USA


High above in the blue expanse, where the heaven's thirteenth hour runs
Just a little to the left, where all mystics try to do their best
A million times the measured mile, bitter weeping rivers run on high I am called a weeping might, who stands within the command of all times
Giant waves of cries and pain from a child, the mortal sin left those scars
All phantom shapes to hunt their game, to create the new maim Ambraeieus is my name, the bitter star of wailing blame, of shame
The worm who chews the wood, throwing soot into the old vessel's root
Little souls I hold , mortals I am told, men's neglect, the imperfect I am the heartbeat of no name, the unborn, the unwanted, time is to blame
What have men done to the lambs of life, the little carriers of time
With every blink of time a lamb falls, a second sold, the darkness crawls I cry for you all my babies, I have seen the coming of the new day
There are so many, many maybe's, destiny has no place for you to stay
My breath is beating against the winds, dark powers striving to win
The vipers of grim changed directions, with the sword's perfection Wake the cities, open all portals, tell all mortals
The song they play knows of no pity, love itself is hollow, is brittle
Too many dark mentors find their way, so gently into the heart's temple
I cry for you oh my babies, destiny has no place for you to stay Oh how I pleas for all life's seeds, through the numerous maybe's beats
I will hold destiny within an angry bow, so all of you can grow
If there is just one mortal soul, who holds the song for all in full Love itself will step through time, to fight a battle the lasting kind
When tomorrow comes the strangers will step forward to hold time's new song
Even if love itself has to drag it's rags, it's wounds, it 's dying moans Immortals will rise to give a hand, for the mortal lambs to make a stand
To find love itself will never die, it will carry all breaths of life
I cry for you oh my babies, I have seen the coming of the new day
There are so many, many maybe's destiny has no place of you to stay
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