Grace Saad

Newark, Ohio

Will Anyone Remember

When I am gone, I hope to be
Remembered for My Poetry
I am not a Longfellow, Poe or Guest
But I literally try to do My best.
I write of happiness, joy and love
Remembering Our Father, up above
In My simple language, I express
My heartfelt thoughts of Those I bless.
The wonders of the World, I feel
As by My bed at night I kneel
I am privileged to be a Friend, Mother and Wife
Who has had so many blessings all My life.
My favorite "Joyce Kilmer" wrote of the trees
Of the butterflies; the Birds and the Bees
The many miracles of life are there
All within God's Realm, for Us to share.
So, as just a simple Poet, I do try
To brighten some Life as I pass by
In My Sunset of Life; I hope and I pray
I have spread some cheer, along Life's way.
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