Cathleen Chesrow

Southbend, Indiana, USA

Within A Trueness Of Humanity

Russia the lesson in life on earth; testing the humanist.
To hunger gnawing pains decisions; an easier task to China or India.
Where the populace moves in an ordered mass.
The majority not thinking; dulled by everyday agony.
Not learned to sense in American television;
The baby-sitting of adults as well as children.
The value of their days when around them the painful;
Realities has stripped them naked;
Unprotected within their storm of human nature to greed.
"Hunger speak not fast with looks stricken aghast . . ."
"Thoughtless without the soul, actions lower than the animals . . ."
So shake. A. Spear(e) (choosing to call himself thus;
He doesn't like racism either.)
In the spirit of God's presence appears.
"Let the words speak, within all time, of God's presence the proof . . .
Self evident" "For I am a man, a savage to the spirit each child
Holds inherent.." Indeed the less loves lustrous grace . . .
The more the elements embrace . . . Times immortal . . . until
Hearts portal opens eyes to feast of loving peace.
God's presence will reside in every living being, the music shared
Blooms even without a gardeners care the human being.
The child learns to love the (rogue) criminal . . . (unschooled),
Ignorant to their inherent birthing, 'a miracle' . . .
A child suckling a mothers breast not taught the words God speaks
Of heavens rest . . . turns to each as (repast) food; not love;
Not wonder; no healthy fear of God's angels anger . . .
So my brother Jesus enters this spirited dialogue;
"To the King and Queen of England, though I am standing in God's (Allah's
Presence 'be' with what decisions are residing)" . . .
It is to know the presence of God (Allah) . . .
To be blessed to know God's word that is the salvation of man . . .
To not kill the unschooled within their free will for all knowledge of
God (Allah) . . . For in truth whom here is to say
They have all the knowledge there is to be learned with God (Allah);
Peace and Amen . . .
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