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Save The Wildlife
by Lucy Doyles

See the seals swimming away
The little foxes as happy as ady
The baby birds flying above
The lions resting with their cubs

The animals seem all so free
untill the humans kill as much as can be
why all this cruelty can't it stop
What have they done, what is up?


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Girl's Lament
by Rainer Maria Rilke

In the years when we were
all children, this inclining
to be alone so much was gentle;
others' time passed fighting,
and one had one's faction,
one's near, one's far-off place,
a path, an animal, a picture.

And I still imagined, that life
would always keep providing


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Incomplete Lioness
by Linda Bierds

—National Gallery, London

Or lion. Too little marble left for certainty:
affixed to a bone-like armature, just a flank
and scored shoulder, and far down the missing,
crouching shape, a single, splay-toed paw.
The companion, or mate, is better formed
and offers a template to trace a bit, image to absence
to memory, until the lioness fills.


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by Babette Deutsch

A MONSTER like a mountain, leathern limbed,
With eyes of sluggish ore and claws of stone,
He heaved his thunder-throated body, rimmed
By marsh fires human eyes have never known.
A monolith carved out of savage night,
He hid in his impenetrable hide
Muscle and blood, and nerves to sense delight
And agony that tore him when he died.

The clumsy terror of his frame has gone


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The Cowboys Last Wish
by Matthew Scopelitis

Bury me on the side of a hill
Where I know the animals play
Where the cattle graze and the horses roam
And the sun shines most of the day.

Let me be near the sound of a stream
Where the water runs cool and clear
Let my horse run as free as a meadows breeze
For he will know that I am near.


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Recent Animal Poems
by Sally Rose

Forever prowling the slick rain stained streets, dazed and bathed by the moonlight and mother nature's embrace, you are graced by the wild wind as you shed your skin to the feral calls of your kin.

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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

browsing green treetops
with a grace that comes from height ~
head up in the clouds

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El animal sin identidad
by Humberto Gómez Sequeira-HuGóS

Estoy en el fondo
de un ojo de agua
sin mi luz celular.

Disuelto sin tiempo,
siento que soy el sueño
del animal sin identidad.

HuGóS | 26-12-2020 | 8:21 p.m.

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by Diganta Kr Banik

They can’t hear me cry,
They shy away from my tears,
It’s within these caged walls,
I face my worst fears.

I long to be free
I want to run,
I want my freedom,
I want the open sun.


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

in lush deep green woods
wearing amber coat so gay
as vivid birds sing

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