Anna Helen McDonald

Kaska, Pennsylvania, USA

Memories Of My Dad

Today was a day for remembering, Dad, of things we did and said
Going back many years -- of stories told when you tucked me in bed
Pretending we were on a ship -- floating off to many lands
Finding secret treasures -- always holding hands.
Those hands were there to guide me when I took my many tumbles
To wipe my tears away, soothe the hurt from my falls and stumbles
To teach me how to read and write
Explain to me how fuzzy caterpillars become butterflies in flight
To walk out in the forest and learn the names of trees
To watch a lovely sunset -- feel a gentle breeze
To hug a fuzzy puppy and take him home as ours
To teach the pup -- his bed is not among Mom's flowers
To go to the circus and watch the clowns with painted faces
Never realizing -- many years down the road I'd be going through their paces
To eat hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and such
Never realizing -- a tummy ache was what we got from "too much"
To see you at my school plays -- and hear your loving praise
To have you at my graduation and all my special days
To have you take my hand, kiss me and lead me down the aisle
As on my Wedding Day, we turned our happy tears to a smile
You were always there when I needed you, through happiness and strife
I was always your "little Girl" and buddy -- even though I became a wife
Our love was a special one though we "Earthly Parted" in a veil of tears
You are always close to me -- just a short prayer away.
And some day -- Gods willing -- we'll be "home" to stay
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