Amanda Combs Feltner

Bulan, Kentucky, USA

A Day In New York City

Another day in New York City
A limousine came driving by
He stopped for love and spirit of adventure
To a mansion in the sky America will admire her beauty forever
Her family tree was a portrait of power
A Lady of Beauty, and Class, and Finesse
The world will remember and admire Her fine chocolates and long stem roses
Her love of words, was bond of home
Her dedication of God and Country
Americans will remember forever more God gave Jacqueline a little more time
To spend with Carolina and John John
Jacqueline was needed with the younger children
And to say a comforting hello to her husband John America must face grim reality
This nation has lost a great name
Our love to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
This loss we will never understand.
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