Alice Lorraine Hill

Oxnard, CA

Come Listen To The Music

I hear the music of the heavenly angels
Coming softly through the blue sky from above
Blending with the music from on the mountain tops
Bringing to all earth's people messages of love.

The song birds are singing to the angels' music
Telling us to hear the words of truth very clear,
"All of earth's people are more alike than different
And to help each other will leave no room for fear".

Come listen to the music of quiet gentle breezes
And music from wild flowers growing on the hill
Whispering softly to awaken our spirits
Saying, "Only listen and let your hearts be still,

So to hear the music from the living waters
That can bring abundance wherever there is need,
Can heal all broken hearts burdened with sorrow,
And can free the people caught by their fears and greed".

Listen to music from the world's throbbing heartbeat
Commanding its people to live in true harmony
By hearing the voices of heavenly angels
Singing love, joy, and peace can be our destiny.

Listen to the music in kind smiling faces
And the music of a child laughing gleefully
Both creating music with notes of "Just Caring".
Won't you please come listen to this music with me?
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