William J. Walls

Dolton, Illinois, USA

Bitter Darkness

Dismall blackness, dilemma, endless nothingness
Universal blight, uncontrite, prison of forgetfulness.
Cross barriers, Inept depth, sadness and pain,
Silhouettes of abyss, controller disdain.
Directing your anger, ever lost in space,
No hope for tomorrow, left to disgrace.
Defaming the rainbow, teasing the milky way.
Zodiac signs moving about in disarray.
Patrolling the skies with thunder, ousting the sun,
Belittling the stars, contemptible, delusion done.
Bickering with the clouds, eclipsing the moon,
Hunter without prey, restive, and doomed.
Nightmarish comets, orbital repression,
The entire nebula scorned in obscuration
Infamous blackhole vomitting up its bowel,
Nothing can survive, all planets weep and howl.
Penetrate light, dishonor darkness's tenement,
I show no emotion, nor compassion, no sentiment,
The rains can't revert and act as your tears,
Search, eternity (for answer you must) for others fears.
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