Vi Duc Le

Portland, OR

Hanoi Promenade, Its Sounds Of Poetry

Had you have good times, back in Hanoi, the lovely city,
Don't forget to see the Pagoda Tran-Quoc and The Co-Ngu road
The Quan Thanh Temple is therby, unimpressive
Up and Down, Lucky and Unlucky,, Real or Unreal, come asking God.
The Co-Ngu road on red flowers blooming alongside
And the hanoian girl smiles, makes fun with grace
Where does it come from or from the ways she lived?
Eating the ripe Sau fruit or so does she date?
Or from the way she likes to keep flowers
Always filled her bags with the flamboyant flowers in hide
Under her blue long robe as cute as a child
Or from the way she followed the butterflies tn the Spring
which laughed as she fell by its push
And by the grass which held her shoes back?
Bla bla... the dragonflies if you had wings, hurry, up you fly
Because there is a little girl after you, in hot toes! ( ... )
Far from home, how much I missed my home city
To me every time far from home
My luggage is heavily filled up with the song of the Cicadas
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