Steven Loebrich

Once, .. Forever...

Phone Ringin, Birds Singin,
Doors Knokin, Voices Talkin,
All in One Hurry,
In Longing To Be Free..

Dare Not! , -To Pick Up The Phone, ..
Information That Shudent Ever Be Known.
Fordifide Wall's Brokin Away, .

TitleWave of Madness,
Pounds This Shore Sorrow,
On The Cost of Modern-Humanity...

Pairidoxol-Void, Nations-Destroyed,
Pillers of Pride, Only Piles of Sand, .
Blown in the Wind of Time, ..

The Fighting, The Lieing, The Hideing,
Devistateing Consiquencess,
Have for to long, Been Ignored! ...

Understanding has no Remidey,
For the Burdin of Thought's.
With all that be Injured, ..

Conclueseve Begaining's, Today has already Passed,
To a Sunrise thats already Known, .
In the Begaining, Before even Light...

Imposibility to ever Come Close,
Ever so Far Away, Ones Pondering's ever Be,
Looking To The Blinding Sky's...

Markets Again, Have Lost Their Gain,
Contingentcey Plans, Having no Relivance,
-To Whats At Hand...

Universal Collective loss of Consousness,
Forgotin all thats Fortold, In Vain Dreams of only Lie's, .
Awarded to be Geanousness, Conspired in a Lost-Couse/

Futile Strugle Striveing Twards the Unknown
In A Heat of Passion, Blank Are the Eyes,
Bouwing Down to Idile's of lifeless-Stone, ..

Praying Up To The Un-Known,
Convinced of Ones Own Ways, ..
Every One Else Is Wrong! , Only One Be In The Right, ..

Traffic Collapseing to Grid-Lock Every Day,
-And Another Debt Go's Un-Payed,
In The Race For Wealth, With Out The Checkered Flag! ...

Refugee's Fleeing Some Where Always,
Lines Moveing Across Scimage in the Field,
in this Condemed Paridise....
'So Far, So Good, So What, ...
Exspectation Without Reservations,
What is all the Rioting About? , ...'

Revoltion, Global Pollution,
-In Some Vain-Name a Tree is Planted, ..
'Monuments to the Forgotin...'

Forcastomg Inpending Doom! ,
Be All the Afraid, Hideing in Their Toome's
The Night's Late in The Darkness...

Hope be in Ones Own, That Nobody Knows,
Every Thing, Everyone Is Wanting,
Yeat With Out Asking, All Indeed Take! ...

Bad-Dream's Realy do! , -Do Come True, .
Carefull For That wich is Wished For, ..
On the Eve, . That Greed, -Greed Never Knew! ...

'The Sky is Still Blue,
The Grass Yet Grows And Die's,
Same Stars in the Sky at Night, Gazed Apon With Diffirent Eye's...'

Recolection From Dust Long Forgotin,
Not Far From The Tree The Frutage is Rottin,
And Spore's Fill The Air, Pollenation Again of Evil Seed's,
Between Men's Ears...

Then The Morning Of Truth,
Again Be Forever Born, ..
All The Hearts Heard,
All The Ear's That Egnored, ..
The Storm Has Long Passed, ..
The Threat Now is No More! , ...

Meaning, In Loveing Justice of Wisdom! ,
Truth Now Bound, By Othe Un-Brakeible! ,
Qwestoins Never Again, Now That The Blind,
-Ideed, .. Agian Now See! ....

Darkness, -Be Only For The Night, ..
To Come The Light of Day, .
All Under The Sun, Pray Too, UnTo Only One! ...
Only One, -
- Now is Every One Everlasting! ,

With Out Any More Time! ...
Ever Again, Ever Again,
Be Anything Ever Again Wasted! ...

'Be, ... The Only Meaning for The Strugle of Exestance! ...'

Good Morning, Good Bye, Hello My Freind, ..
Today Now Has Arived! ,
As of Now, ... Death Its Self, .. Has Long Died! ....

'End, .. -To The Beganing of Story'............................

(See You! , ... Tomarow! ...)

'Good Bye, ...
- Hello! '.........
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