Roy A. Payne

Excelsior Springs, MO, USA

Thoughts To Ponder

If I could write a perfect poem,
I must paint a picture in your mind.
It might be with thoughts of home
or of some funny Valentine. If I should choose to mention flowers,
Which tender blossom will you see?
I might write for hours and hours,
just to tell you how the flag flies free. Some words of love may stir your heart.
Will it bring some face to view?
There are times that tear drops start,
As thoughts of love will sometimes do. Some storms still bring the rainbow,
With God's promises of peace.
So summer showers and sunset glow
Are wonders that will never cease. So please ponder on these things,
As you read these words that rhyme.
I have tried to bring you something—
But will it stand the test of time?
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