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good and bad poetry
by Bogdan Dragos

after you write enough
and try to publish for long enough
you just notice it
There is no such thing as
There's just poetry to which people


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why do you seek the living among the dead?
by Bogdan Dragos

The old lady kept coming by
the hospital to assure the medics that it'll be

"He's a true fighter," she said. "I know he'll make it.
He has won the battle with drugs
twice in the past. He'll make it this time as well. I
know it. I feel it. I believe in him."

"Mam," said the doctor. "We found rusty fragments


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writing setup
by Bogdan Dragos

the screen
the keyboard
the small room
the closed door
locked door
closed window
blinders keeping
the sun away
a chair
an empty stomach


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they just knew it
by Bogdan Dragos

the last time they
saw him
was when he told them about
that weird dream
he had
in which wine
poured from the tap in
his kitchen


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life’ll smile
by Bogdan Dragos

father punched him lightly in
the shoulder
and said, "Hey, keep that chin up, buddy.
Just know that a time
will come when life'll smile at us."

Sure, he'd been saying that
since forever. That was the earliest
and most common memory of him


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Sights to Behold
by Jessica Leininger

My muses come to me
With the faces of lovers.

Personified voices of inspiration,
Coming from the places I once knew.

But there's one that feels void,
Like it's from nothing, nowhere.

How strange it is to have a voice


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Ten Minute Timer
by Kailey Norris

Staring through a blank page.
Words jumbled in my brain,
Anxiously waiting to be put together.
Placed in such an order of meaning,
A purpose for simple vocabulary.
My head is blank until I put pen to paper.
Thoughts flood me like a stormy stream.
The first line is the most difficult,
The remainder comes naturally


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The Way To When
by Jeff Bresee

A million ways to spend a day
not tried them all but have to say,

that if I had the way to when
I’d quiet find and open then

the pages of the poet’s hand.
Then fly away to distant land,

or feel the fire of deep desire,


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Forgotten Verse
by J. P. Ehlert

There is a verse I forgot to write.
It lingers in my mind.
Like a song unsung or bell unrung it waits—
Waits for my pen to give it life.

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The Topic That Chose Me Today
by Jake Wills

The topic that chose me today was African Elephants.
they came
from depths unknown —
I did not plan to ponder Elephants,
and I certainly didn’t intend to write about them.

Yet here they are,
grand, gray, glorious,


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