Leo/Ella Reznikova

September 22, 2005 - Berlin
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Who am I to write? (3/17/2023

I write with every breath i take.
Everything starts end ends in my notes.
I'm constantly forming new sentances and theses so i can write them down if they're any good.
I need to write in order to stay alive, If i stopped my humanity would be in question.
What i need to live is something to write.
Some goal, some product i can write towards.
Something with which i can share my emotions and tgoughts.
Is it literature? Is it poetry? Is it science? Journalism?
Or am i perhaps overstating the importance of writing to me.
Maybe its just something i do to seem creative.
Still, i feel like i should write.
But what?
I don't have anything to say, no story to tell.
Hell, i'm a goddamn 17-year old. Who the hell am i to educate and entertain?
Who the hell am i to think anyone could ever be interested in my thoughts.
I mean i think them important but will anyone else?
I don't even know if ive ever had a thought that hasn't been had before.
So who am i to write?
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