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Lying in the Darkness
by Raina Hutchins

Lying in the darkness
Nothing here to see
The shadow of my lonely self
Just staring back at me

Lying in the silence
Deafening to my ear
The beating of my lonely heart
The only sound I hear


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Sudan ??
by Liz Benson

Buildings breaking tearing apart
Guns blazing scaring my heart
Holding my family near
Making sure the children don't fear
Don't want fear instilled in their minds
Fear and cowardice and all other kinds

If I close my eyes I can see Sudan
The Sudan I knew,Sudan was one big clan
Now Sudan is piece by piece


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It's time to let go...
by Raina Hutchins

I'm ready to grieve now... so let there be tears
It’s time to move on to face all my fears

It’s time to let go now... so let there be pain
It’s time to start crying when I hear your name

My days have been frozen since you have been gone
My nights I just live in the words of our song

I cling to the past and all that we knew


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Silver Screen..
by Raina Hutchins

The girl said on the silver screen
A tear in each blue
Please don’t ever leave my love
For if you did, I’d die

I yawned and switched the TV off
I’d seen that film before
And in the end it all came right
Just like a million more


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How Long...
by Raina Hutchins

As the night descends
And darkness is all I see
Tears I cry will fall
Until the morning sets me free

I never knew that lonely
Could bring me so much pain
I never knew that lonely
Could send me so insane


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Recent Tears Poems
To See You Cry
by Tom Cameron

It breaks my heart to see you cry
An empty bottle and a letter to yourself
It breaks my heart to see you cry

To hold you is to be at home
Slowly but surely you are coming back to life
To hold you is to be at home

No-one knows what you mean
As it doesn't mean anything but to me


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by Chrissy Davis

Body shaking.
Heart pumping.
Can’t breathe.
Feel like jumping.
Hot tears on the verge of falling.
Can’t break down.
Can’t start bawling.
Tears show weakness.
I’m not weak.
I’m mad as hell.


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Lachrymose 2: The Suicide Note
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

My heart like a desert dims dry,
Streams of tears fill my eyes.
For my pains and sufferings still I cry...
What use is endurance but why.

My life is done, my thread is run.
Ages of lachrymose I have lived under the sun .
What future there is to long ahead
When you know that you are already dead?


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Eye clouds
by Femme Mcbridge

Dripping rains of eye clouds,
With accountability and responsibility.
Balancer breaks of inequality,
With status updates masking its tears.
Mirroring the glory of dreaming soul,
Never staycations felt it’s heart.
Others staycations cover up the spot,
Trying hard to make the kith and kin
Imagine her on this spot.
God’s blessings flood me with my needs,


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Stories Of Rome
by Abasiama Udom

You want to forget the story of Rome,

of dashing warriors and gladiators gloried across our screens.

You want to forget the prophecies of doom,

of weeping and a Saviour that may come

and pray that this peace remains


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