Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

September 17, 2001 - Eswatini
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Lachrymose 2: The Suicide Note

My heart like a desert dims dry,
Streams of tears fill my eyes.
For my pains and sufferings still I cry...
What use is endurance but why.

My life is done, my thread is run.
Ages of lachrymose I have lived under the sun .
What future there is to long ahead
When you know that you are already dead?

I will never live a life as full,
Because my destiny is broken and shuttered in a
Torn and tattered are the strings I must pull...
I wish to die, For death I was made.

A good life I never had but turmoil and fear ...
Fear and turmoil, turmoil and fear every year.
And if the Devil will knock me down my feet;
What use is denial: So be it!

The tombs await me, dark and deep,
Calling for my endless sleep .
Promises I made I failed to keep:
Tombs of Sheol and Gaol;
Take me to your endless sleep!
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