Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Always and Forever

I wonder if the day will dawn
That I will wake to find
My life is not revolving round
The world I left behind
The days turned into months
And now the months have grown to years
But still the thought of you
Can turn my laughter into tears
We’d found a love so special
But we lost it all somehow
The chance we had was gone
And all our dreams are over now
So how do I survive each day
How do I go on
When everything I ever had
And ever loved is gone
Although you’re now with someone else
With whom your share your life
She’ll never wear your ring
For I will always be your wife
She may spend her nights with you
And wake with you each day
She may have tomorrow
But I had yesterday
Yesterdays so filled with all
The memories of our youth
The joy, the pain, the tears, the fears
The laughter, lies and truth
Memories of our songs and places
Things we did together
Memories of a love so young
We knew would last forever
Memories of the boy I met
The teenage Romeo
But who you are today
Is all the you she’ll ever know
Sometimes in my darkest thoughts
I wish I’d never learned
What it’s like to find real love
And have that love returned
It’s made it so much harder
To be with somebody new
For no one else can have
That part of me I gave to you
You’re still my world, my heart, my soul
You’re still what life’s about
The one I'm living for
The one I have to live without
I know I can’t hold onto you
But still I can’t let go
Because with you I found
The greatest love I’ll ever know..
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