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CafÉ Comedy
by Robert William Service


I'm waiting for the man I hope to wed.
I've never seen him - that's the funny part.
I promised I would wear a rose of red,
Pinned on my coat above my fluttered heart,
So that he'd know me - a precaution wise,
Because I wrote him I was twenty-three,
And Oh such heaps and heaps of silly lies. . .
So when we meet what will he think of me?


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by Robert William Service

At school I never gained a prize,
Proving myself the model ass;
Yet how I watched the wistful eyes,
And cheered my mates who topped the class.
No envy in my heart I found,
Yet bone was worthier to own
Those precious books in vellum bound,
Than I, a dreamer and a drone.

No prize at school I ever gained


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by Henry Lawson

I am back from up the country -- very sorry that I went --
Seeking for the Southern poets' land whereon to pitch my tent;
I have lost a lot of idols, which were broken on the track --
Burnt a lot of fancy verses, and I'm glad that I am back.
Further out may be the pleasant scenes of which our poets boast,
But I think the country's rather more inviting round the coast --
Anyway, I'll stay at present at a boarding-house in town
Drinking beer and lemon-squashes, taking baths and cooling down.

Sunny plains! Great Scot! -- those burning wastes of barren soil and sand


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My Inner Life
by Robert William Service

'Tis true my garments threadbare are,
And sorry poor I seem;
But inly I am richer far
Than any poet's dream.
For I've a hidden life no one
Can ever hope to see;
A sacred sanctuary none
May share with me.

Aloof I stand from out the strife,


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Suicide Note
by Robert Mestre

My eyes have cried
a million times,
now as dry
as dessert sand.

My heart has sank
with no strength to rise
from the well
that once held hope.


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Recent Sorry Poems
Too Late
by Leigh Yah

I grabbed my coat and took off
Went out for a walk
I know I've been told
That the streets are cold.

The moment I took a step
I know I'm not safe
But it doesn't matter
Because I...didn't even matter.


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Walk Away
by Leigh Yah

I hope I made the right decision
It's all for good
Call me selfish
Call me impatient
But it took me a thousand nights thinking if it could be better to finish this.

I'll take all the blame
Call me stupid
Call me crap
But flicker was the last resort I had.


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by Otteri Selvakumar

I'm mistaken
My words
To you
I'm sorry
Why you ...
Did not accept
My sorry?



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Forgive Me
by Nupur Gautam

I'm tired,
Exhausted of apologizing
To everyone for everything I've done
And sometimes for things that I've not,
For all my stupid decisions and actions,
For doing something that I'm not even guilty of,
But your ego demands my apology,
So here it is...
Forgive me for being myself
Forgive me for prioritizing myself over you


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Sorry Dad
by Nupur Gautam

Sometimes I wish I could relate to all those poems and quotes,
I wish our conversations and hugs were more frequent,
I wish we could be more comfortable in each other's company,
And ask how our days went.

I know you said it all out of anger,
But I can't get myself to forget.
Those words of yours pierced through my heart,
They weren't meant to, I bet.


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