Leigh Yah

January 27, 1999 - New York
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Too Late

I grabbed my coat and took off
Went out for a walk
I know I've been told
That the streets are cold.

The moment I took a step
I know I'm not safe
But it doesn't matter
Because I...didn't even matter.

It's too dark
The rain won't even stop
Tough luck
Now I have to drain my socks.

It's too early for drama
Any thoughts?
I don't think it would be good
But I still decided to stop.

I bought a handful of pills
Shoved it inside
My plan's about to start
I beg you please don't let me stop.

I began to take my walk
I don't care if I would freeze to death
Seriously, who would've even care?
No one, still.

As I march my way
To bewilderness
I came to notice
That my shadow left me.
For a second I thought

No one even stayed
The lights has stopped shining
And now I'm left...still trying.
How would I survive from this?

I am cold
I am empty
I am not fine.

Before I could witness another twilight
My heart has stopped its beat
Burnin' inside my lungs
I suffocate.

I could paddle away from this fate
But I am slowly drowning
I am doomed
I can't yell
And before anyone could notice
It's all too late for help.
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