Leigh Yah

January 27, 1999 - New York
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Walk Away

I hope I made the right decision
It's all for good
Call me selfish
Call me impatient
But it took me a thousand nights thinking if it could be better to finish this.

I'll take all the blame
Call me stupid
Call me crap
But flicker was the last resort I had.

I hope I made the right choice
Yes, It wasn't you
It wasn't any other else either
This time, it's for me
For myself, for my being.

Well I have to be honest
Sorry, I broke my promise
To defy the world against all odds
Seemed to be a misfit for us.

I hope this would be the last time
Seven years went so long
It's even hard to move on
Loving you has never felt this wrong
But I have to be strong.

I never changed
I just changed the settings of the game.
We might have played together
This time I quit, it's all over.

I hope this would be my last cry
Writing this, I can't even smile
Why does it have be you?
Oh, just what did you do?

I hope you'll be okay
No need for me to stay
I could be the last one to tell
Darling, all will be well.

I hope hatred won't have a place in your heart
Don't listen to them
People might speak ill of you
But none of those were even true.

I have traveled the depths of your soul
But loneliness have taken its toll
Called another to embrace
Sad, you can't be replaced.

I hope I'll be able to withdraw from this facade
Suffering from memory lapses have never been this bad
Too sad,
I can't even forget every single moment we had.

How do you save a relationship?
When the other half called it quits.
I'll burn down these memories tonight
Should you still fight?

You were my world at once
But it stopped revolving.
Please put me out of your plans
A future with you, there is no chance.

I am so sorry, my love
I was playing safe
My heart would let you stay
But in the end, it's still my mind who'll have the last say
And this time,
I have decided to walk away.
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