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inner turmoil
by aditya vats

As the blazing star resolves in the ocean,
The haunting echoes come out of hiding.

My trembling fingers long for the
blood-soaked glass slab to firmly
stroke my withering skin.

The slabs of my broken,
blood-soaked mirror,
sheen brighter than


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July 27
by Habiba Soliman

I should be over it
It's been 353 days
Almost a year has passed
But why am I still scared?
Why do I still hate it when people come close
I still panic when I don't have to
Still feel his hand on my skin
Degrading me in every way
Still remember the words he said to me


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Birds Eye View (SH TW)
by Poetry of the Lost <3

Do you ever feel out of reach,
out of touch with the world?

Like the world's moving on
but you're drifting away.

The worlds leaving you behind,
but you're watching it all through a birds eye view,

in slow motion,


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I am the Blood on my Arm
by Aras Acolipeps

Purple and blue bruises against my skin,
dark and tender like crushed fruit.
Red pours out and I feel so loved,
a moment that I am not me.

It's like beauty and love,
when I cut into my flesh.
Like tender kisses pressed into skin,
I am alive within these four walls.


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by Jasper Kirby

Temptation beckons me in every waking moment. I can drown her out but she’s always there. If ever my mind goes quiet, she’s waiting for me, anticipating the very second she can start to tear me apart, inch by inch, until I cave and give in to her wants.

Once you’ve had a taste of her curse, you can never forget it. But you can fight it, so I do. I fight and I fight and I lose and I fight again. Scars that remind me of past battles litter my skin, but they only serve to fuel me further. How dare she hurt me and tarnish my body. How dare she.

Just because you lose the battle, doesn’t mean you’ve lost the war.

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Recent Self harm Poems
At The Door
by Jeff Bresee

Curled up in the corner
in dead of the night.
Afraid of darkness
and praying for light.

Eyes peer from the ceiling.
Hands reach from the floor.
Hearts beat from the walls
and he stands at the door.


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Yet Again
by Jeff Bresee

The feeling
haunts me
time and time again.
I feel it as it’s coming
like a scent upon the wind.

Like wind across the predator
wafts out to warn the prey.
So likewise all I know and feel
screams, “turn and run away!”


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by abbagail hall

During the summer was the best.

During the summer i became clean from self harm.

During the summer i was so happy.

During the summer in the best state of mind.

Then fall hit.


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"are you ok?"
by abbagail hall

When someone asks you “are you ok?” you always feel the need to say “ya im fine”.

Even if you just spent the last 20 minutes cleaning the blood from your wrist.

Even if you just had the whole bottle of pills in your mouth ready to swallow.

Even if you just was about to kick the chair away.

Even if you just had your whole room smelling like burning skin.


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Behind their words
by Krystal Voisinet

I wish people could see through my eyes
Hear through my ears
Cry through the night
And think my thoughts
I wish someone could feel my pain
Because maybe they wouldn't stare
And i wouldn't feel the glares
They wouldn't talk about me
And would know that behind every person
That talks about me


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