Hannah Woerner

02/28- Marshalltown
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I am so angry. I'm not sure why, but I am furious.
I will be walking down the hall and just want to smash my hand against the walls, until I can’t move it, until there’s more blood than flesh. I want it to hurt, I want it to hurt so much that it’s all I feel.
So I don’t get these flashes of debilitating sadness, of complete emptiness, or utter anguish.
I want physical pain, but I am too weak to do it to myself. I want someone to hurt me until I can’t feel anymore.
I want to bleed, to see the red run down my skin. I want to hurt.
Am I angry? I guess I can’t tell anymore. is it anger or something more. Is the root of it deeper, why do I care.
Why couldn’t I just do it. Now there are people watching, why did I fucking tell people.
I would have been fine, and if not I wouldn’t have to deal with it now. I didn’t do it so what’s it matter.
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I want to scream I want to cry I want a fucking hug.
I want to talk to her but she’s so tired. I could just text her. I’m going to text her, but not tell her why. just to distract myself, maybe she’s asleep and then she won’t answer and then I don’t know.
Maybe I should just stay lost. Stay angry
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