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by Suhaila Bawar

It feels like the end .
They are painting me paler
dead white .
I am fine , i pretend
But got caught in mid night

devils were humming in my garden ,
And i froze
Like million thrones covered one rose.


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Gypsy Of The Wild Wind
by John Gilman

tonight, a ghostly wind howls
through this chilly moonlight
as shadowy trees slow dance
while the past slips into sight

you blew in on a winter's day
dark cyclone bringing change
singing me sweet gypsy tunes
words I would not rearrange


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As ‌My Diary Cries
by AmirFarshad Sh

I write this now, moments after they quarrelled,
Depressing, I notice our evening plans got cancelled
Over one phone call dad made in the backyard,
Mom asked who that was? Then he flew off the handle,
"It doesn't concern you woman", he shouted,
I could hear her repeating the word "sorry" aloud and
Stuttering as she apologised for asking,
But the old man didn't care so he started unmasking
That hideous, fearful demon inside him,
Who made him feel like a man he took pride in,


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by j d

When the feeling is gone and the days are too long
When you’re crying for fear, of deciding wrong

When sky always grey and the suns far too bright
When you can never sleep
When you’re out every night
When you’re too nauseous to eat & too nauseous to sleep
And the evil thoughts
Begin to creep


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Blues in the Background
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

My life was so exciting and busy, but still I was dissatisfied,
For my job was going nowhere, like blooms with noplace to hide.

I had for long had a dream, of becoming a world famous singer,
But instead I sang backup, for my best friend, a real zinger!

Our group was a huge success, but I thought myself very limited,
Like moonlight at pink dawn, once finding itself much inhibited.

My friend deserved to sing lead, for she had an amazing voice,


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Recent Sadness Poems
England's Greatest Pride (Poem) By Christen Kuikoua
by Christen Kuikoua

Your years have been long and beautiful
You Ruled with Power and Might
Your majesty and your reign were not in question
Because God made you our greatest pride
Unfortunately, today you disappeared in the middle of the unknown
But forever, We your people will remember you Our Beloved Queen,
Queen Elizabeth, Long Lived Your Reign,

For you have delivered us from evil
And make us a family,


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by Kate Coleman

Today the world is grey. Every cloud, every window, every room. The same dull melancholy tones.

On days like today, its hard not to feel grey too.

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as she bled in silence
by Jennifer Kenneally

I used to believe I was the only one
bleeding in silence
while everyone else’s wounds were healed
until I truly saw her.

I noticed when she smiled,
her eyes were elsewhere,
I noticed when looking at them closely
you could see the storm
threatening just beyond the surface


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Life Is To Short To Score Little (Poem) by Christen Kuikoua
by Christen Kuikoua

It Is not Death Most people are Afraid Of
But it is getting to the end of life only to realize
That you never truly lived
Most people On Their Dead Bed,
Don't regret the things they did
but the things they didn't do
The risks they never took
and Finally the dream they didn't pursue
So if I ask You today
will you last Words be ' If Only I had'


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Affect Of Breakup In Relations & Children's Lifes (Poem) By Christen Kuikoua
by Christen Kuikoua

In life Relationship,
Useless Battle Between Couples
Must be avoided
Because there is no need for negative energy
In the midst of Love
My Bible say love cares
Love protects, Love put a smile on faces
Love forgives & Finally Love don't hate
I am no expert in love
because I myself always learn from it


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