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My Lady
by Subbie Vacc

He chose you from the beginning of this world.
And when the time had come, he sent his messenger to ask not for your hand, but for your heart.

My Lady, you went beyond yourself and said: "I am the handmaid of the lord."
How good it is that you lay down your life for Him knowing that he'd have to lay His down for the whole world.

My Lady, no one showed you kindness, but you were able to have him in a manger.
He feed at your breasts and you watched him grow. God and the Immaculate Conception

My Lady, you thought that you lost him, but he was not. He said: "I was out doing my father's Business. My Lady how good it is that you ponder His response in your heart.


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Thankfully Blessed Again
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Absolutely blessed, Christ delivers everything,
fervent gratefulness, habitually induced, joyous
knowledgeable love, magenta nebulous omnipresence,
prayer, quietude, reflection, sacred Thanksgiving,
undying veneration, with xenismos yearly zest!

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The Good Shepherd Hymn
by Joseph Ogbonna

I heard the voice of the good shepherd say;
"I did your sad and weary soul salvage,
lean on me, I did for your freedom pay.
Lean on me, and come to God with courage."
The soft voice of Jesus tenderly speaks,
when in moments of pain, my sadness peaks.
His assuring words give my poor soul rest,
as I lay my wearied head on his breast.

I heard the voice of the good shepherd say;


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The Uncontested Lawyer
by Carl Rex

One night I happened to dream of a trial
It seemed to be vital, there was no denial
A case to be weighed for life or for death
Solemn thoughts pervading amidst abated breath

The Judge was seated quite high on His throne
His wisdom apparent so gracefully shone
The felon was hardened, his look full of hate
His case was so hopeless, his crime was so great


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Jesus Is
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

A light in the dark ages,
Foremost in history's pages;
Ruler of all human hearts,
A subject of all the arts!

Source of all Christmas magic--
Victor over death so tragic!
Doorway to the life eternal,
An everlasting flame internal!


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Recent Jesus Poems
My Heart Prayer: Kneeling Before Redemption
by Christen Kuikoua

In the sacred silence of this moment,
I kneel before you, my Lord,
burdened by the weight of my transgressions.
My soul trembles, confessing
the sins that have stained the fabric of my being.
Oh, forgive me, Almighty,
for straying from the path of righteousness
and betraying the values you have bestowed upon me.

I have succumbed to the allure of fleeting pleasures,


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Christmas Day
by Pijush Biswas

Shadow, shadow of the night
Into skies star's twinkling bright,
Woes of the year ceased to be
While my friends I must see;
Unto the day the merry bell
Ringing joyfully doth foretell
That we are ours own.

Clear and fine as we
Shinning about Christmas tree


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A Christmas with loved ones
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

Lord show us the way
That we can best celebrate your day,
Should it be fun
For all of us to feel as one?
Or should we be sad
Knowing that we may at times have been a little bad?
May we please drink,
So that into depression we do not now sink,
Aware of course
That too much imbibed turns our chatter into morse.


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Beware Of The Signs Of the Coming Of Antichrist!
by Shaila Touchton

Antichrist denies that Jesus Christ is God who came in the flesh
He Opposes God and Exalts himself above God
He is the beast rising up out of the sea, having 7heads and 10 horns
Upon his horns 10 crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy
He is the Beast with the number 666
He is the man of sin, the son of perdition
The Man of Lawlessness and who change times and laws
He is the deceiver of the elect and Wolf in sheep's clothing

He comes in peace and obtains the kingdom by flatteries


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Heretical Poems by Michael R. Burch
by Michael R. Burch

Heretical Poems by Michael R. Burch

Bible Libel
by Michael R. Burch

If God
is good,
half the Bible
is libel.


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