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Death Is But A Sleep
by Carl Rex

A mourning train passed slowly by the Savior's worn out men
The subject being one young man who passed out dead just then
He left this world so young, so soon - his widowed mother too
The air was drenched with wails and shreiks, it was a terrible view

He was a dear and helpful man, the loss was keenly felt
The women wept with sincere tears, their hearts for them did melt
The kids were sad with teary eyes and followed with a sigh
The men were lost in deepest thought, they wondered "oh God why?


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The Lonely One
by Carl Rex

The night was cold with heavy dew
The day was still afar
A mournful voice with words so few
Was heard in starkest jar

That voice I knew so intimate
But ne'er before in fear
In early morn or night so late
Was always full of cheer


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The Uncontested Lawyer
by Carl Rex

One night I happened to dream of a trial
It seemed to be vital, there was no denial
A case to be weighed for life or for death
Solemn thoughts pervading amidst abated breath

The Judge was seated quite high on His throne
His wisdom apparent so gracefully shone
The felon was hardened, his look full of hate
His case was so hopeless, his crime was so great


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A Girl Who Stood for Sabbath
by Carl Rex

I know a girl, oh she is so sweet
But more than that there's no deceit
She tries to keep God's Holy day
And please Him daily in every way.

But then one day, the devil took note
And in his aweful book, he wrote
Taking an oath to make her fail
And with his evil forces prevail.


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In Mother's Eyes
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Love comes like the summer breeze,
And is slain as autumn leaves from trees,
Yet scents rebound in each summer garden,
As all discordant peeps, receive pardon.

Very Mother Mary, what is she to me,
Whose sinless son, helped the blind to see?
And the wandering ones, so like the wind,
In the heart of a mother, found a friend.


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Recent Jesus Poems
Hear the Musical Bells
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

they herald the sweet season
like blooms herald spring
while carolers' chorus sounds

angels are singing as well
in moonlight, upon a cloud
joy is everywhere

the bells remind us
of the love from up above


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Joy and Magic at Christmas
by Evelyn Judy Buehler





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Sunday Holiday
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Lanes are still;
and church music drifts.
Brilliant noon.
Fragrant rose,
Cat and purple butterfly,
Hearts are filled with love.

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When the Master Comes
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

The stars will twinkle so brightly,
When our loving Master comes,
So hold onto blissful faith tightly,
Through myriad tangerine suns!

Jade hills will ring with laughter,
In plum diamond sunshine glitter,
As the dim past ceases to matter,
And never again is anyone bitter.


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Thankfully Blessed Again
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Absolutely blessed, Christ delivers everything,
fervent gratefulness, habitually induced, joyous
knowledgeable love, magenta nebulous omnipresence,
prayer, quietude, reflection, sacred Thanksgiving,
undying veneration, with xenismos yearly zest!

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