Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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The Dirty Robe

I got a clean white robe
It was all neat and pure
God bade me show it to the globe
Keep it safe n secure

I roamed all o'er the world
Most Joyous as I was
To all my precious robe unfurled
Displayed my pride and cause

But then I saw a stain
Most subtly twined and mixed
I knew my joy was all in vain
If that could not be fixed

I then sat down to work
With soap and detergent
Resolved from duty not to shirk
I tried my full extent

The stain just grew in size
And bigger came to be
All tears came rolling down my eyes
As I squirmed to be free

Then Satan came my way
And laughed at me to scorn
Exulting that try as I may
My robe would still be torn

By then my robe was black
And darkly stained with sin
Too late I came to realize
This fight I could not win

I sank into despair
I knew it was not fair
For me with fear to God declare
How badly I had fared

But Oh I heard a voice
It gently called my name
I looked up to my Savior's face
Covered with blame and shame

Wounded He seemed to be
His hands for me did bleed
He washed my sins and made them flee
His pow'r was great indeed

Just one drop of His blood
Is mighty as a flood
To wash me and to make me bud
Just one drop of His blood!
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