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My Inspiration
by Patricia M.Flynn

You have the passion that can light a Fire
You take on a challenge where others stand by
You create beauty from everything you do,
You are my Inspiration.

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Beautiful Butterfly
by Pierre Richard Raymond

Beautiful butterfly, fly while you can.
Fly across my happiness and anguish.
Fly in my beloved darken sky and unfold
The reluctant clouds of my inspiration.
Fly around me as to shuffle my despair
While awaiting patiently for you to perch
At the climax of my heart surrounded
By the warmth of your trust and faith.
As you might know, life is a straight road
With so many unexpected curves within.


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Poetry - Why Poetry?
by William Henry Jones

Some have asked why I write poetry
the answer is personal and deep
When my mind is fraught with troubles
it records happy moments to keep.

All one needs is a piece of paper
and a pen for thoughts to compose
Encapsulating poetically
providing tranquillity in repose.


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by Jim DiGregorio

LOVE, most beautiful natural instinct life has given us,
LOVE, mother nature provides the many loves for basic survival,
LOVE, the greatest demand and motivation within humans,
LOVE, strongest mental force from these instinctive wants.

LOVE, the eternal flame of hope human beings wish for,
LOVE, the greatest physical feeling enjoyed by humans,
LOVE, compassion of affections for the good of mankind,
LOVE, romance of humans rewarded by the thirst of sexual love.


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by Henry David Thoreau

Whate'er we leave to God, God does,
And blesses us;
The work we choose should be our own,
God leaves alone.

If with light head erect I sing,
Though all the Muses lend their force,
From my poor love of anything,
The verse is weak and shallow as its source.


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Recent Inspiration Poems
To My Dear Helen
by Somali Mukherjee

You began to write the history of your life
With a kind of fear;
I know not why you are so great;
O, Helen, to me, you are so dear.

You're talented, you're esteemed;
How enchanting your fantasy is!
Your voice is always buzzing in my heart,
Just like the honey-seeker bees.


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No Room for Fatigue
by Somali Mukherjee

Never feel fatigued,
For there is more to explore
Always in this world.

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On their own
by Jesus Betancourt

Poets throughout the world are suffering
Starving for tidbits of inspiration
Abandoned by muses who ignor their summoning
Left to survive on their own imagination

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Purple sound
by Lukman Abdulwasiu

In world full of adversities
Ridden with insurmountable summits
Every nook and crannies lurking with slanderers
Pessimists and con men
Malevolent villagers out switching off luminous light
Of igniting stars
Bitter tasting truth of this Earth's cruelty
Conniving to make greatness a mission impossible
Teaching lesson with challenges negating big dreams
Tiring one out few seconds to a marathon


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Empty ink
by Lukman Abdulwasiu

A lonely heart
Breeds a bottomless soul
Fiery arts voids rhyming scheme
Scribbled with empty ink
What better way to pour out one heart
Than on a non-judgemental blank paper
With an empty ink writing seamlessly without qualms
Transmitting my heart content to a blank paper with listening ears
Yet I remaining covertly unheard and perpetually unseen


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