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by Bogdan Dragos

you ever just sit or lay
on your bed and stare at
the ceiling and wonder
if you’ve ever eaten meat from an animal
that was the offspring of another animal
you’ve eaten?

I’ve once read an article about the
food industry’s secret glue
that can paste together the meat


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by Alexander Presniakov

On the days of quiet slumber,
when time is at a still.
Then comes a giant thunder and the winds
begin to chill.

In the air is found a dampness,
in the skies rolling black clouds,
to the ground fall droplets,
to form pools all about.


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The treasure of happiness
by Priya Goel

It is a feeling of joy,
Everyone has, girl or a boy.
It teaches us important things,
Being happy gives us wings.

It helps me be calm,
That most things lie in my palm.
Happiness is a kind of game,
Often guides us towards our aim.


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by Jason Lyle

I met Madness in a cafe
on some street corner where the sunlight plays
she ordered the whole damn menu and laughed,
“It’s all for us darling. Eat. I am here to stay.

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by Mario Walker

Everyday I leave a footprint on the ground.
People are going to fosllow the trail I leave,
I pray that my footprints led them down the right path

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My Shameful Self Vs God's love by Christen Kuikoua
by Christen Kuikoua

The lord is my shepherd, why should I stumble?
In the midst of tribulation, He holds my hands
He Protects me from my greatest adversary

Fights my battle in times of war
And feeds me whenever hunger strikes
Never have I ever lacked,
For he always has provided

In my shivering and pain,


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by AT. at.

The golden bird is singing
in a sparse forest. Rain falls
on the black foliage. Nobody
listens. That is the pain, of this world
that comes from the inside
of your thigh, Ariadne.
In your stellar robes
you envelop the sky
and crude mountains touch
the tips of your unseen breasts.


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The Spirit Unbound
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Sacred poetry feeds the soul, like slow rhythms of ever green nature,
And the heartbeat's anticipation of sooner, finding satisfaction in later.
Anything is possible in verse, as it flows from fanciful, unbound mind,
Giving sublime inspiration and comfort, in vibrant styles, one of a kind.
Poetry is as vital to wholesome living, as is pursuing your rosy dream,
Though the sun reigns at lemon noonday, under thick clouds of cream!
When you find yourself wandering, poesy rhythm will guide your feet,
In the dance of self discovery and insight, which makes life complete.
Poetry warms eager hearts steadily, and adds pure romance to living,
Like gazing at the twinkling Milky Way, and stars which keep on giving.


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by alexis karpouzos

When day comes we ask ourselves where can we find light in this never ending shade? The loss we carry, a ocean we must wade. We braved the belly of the beast. I have seen you in millions of places. I met you in a million forms. We met among the ruins, the ashes and the bones, we lost them all, but we found each other, I saw your lion heart, and it pulled me. I saw the creation and the destruction in your eyes. I see you here in the mud, on the rock, in the rays of the rising sun. We are Dead and alive, we saw a thousand Christs go by As they went up to Calvary but The dove it found no resting place. You were where our solar system was formed, you whispered something to me for eternal love and then you fell from my hands and everything became fire. All the myths always showed you.

We are man and woman, plant and stone, amorphous and form, swallow and eagle, snake and gazelle, fantastic creatures of the depths. They crucified us, beat us, tied us to poles and burned us, wrapped us in gold and silver jewelry, then exalted someone in the world and then we were ridiculed. We stood together in front of the executive detachment, our bodies pressed against each other for the last time, flesh by flesh, as we became utensils for the spirit.
But don’t forget You are my brother, my sister, my child. I took care of you from infancy and you took care of me. We were lovers and friends, we recognized each other with countless disguises, here on one side and there on the other. And in the end, there were no sides at all, only this magnificent loop, this One Circle — majestic, magnificent, royal, timeless, utterly mysterious and towering above all things. Print me in your heart, love is as strong as death “. Does not matter. You are inside me and I am inside you and we will compose again a humanity committed to all cultures, colors, characters, and conditions of man.

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Reborn - Alexis karpouzos
by alexis karpouzos

Mountains fall and seas divide
and impossible things may seem
but where there’s despair there is and faith
and where there’s sadness the consolation is near.
Every breath is a chance to reborn,
but to be reborn you have to die before dying.

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