Punit Parikh

Life Is Beautiful

There was a faint whisper,
Just few paces behind him.
He struggled through the ruins,
a few paces towards the sound.
In search of life, Alas!
Silence was all he could find.

He stared towards the debris,
Which seemed never ending.
Beneath which was lying the entire city.
He looked towards the moon for inspiration;
But could find none...
As if proclaiming halt to rescue operations.

Even after 18 hours of rescue work,
It was only death that prevailed with time.
Again there was a whisper heard,
A bit loud this time.
There was life just a few paces near.
Suddenly something caught his attention.

He ran towards the huge boulders,
And started removing them himself,
The whisper was heard again,
There was life just at hands help.
The rescue operations started again.
Care was taken to lift every single boulder.

Silence gripped the scenario again,
But his will to believe in life continued.
Soon the rescue workers encountered,
A huge concrete slab.
And below it lay a small infant
As if cuddled in mothers arms.

Totally unaware of death.
The obstacle between life &death was removed!
There was a cheer in the camp.
As they all welcomed the little prince!
In midst’s of gloom &distress,
They found LIFE!

After all, 'Life is Beautiful'.
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