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You were ready to push me
by Gianni Vermeulen

I know our first contact
Wasn’t that long ago
But I signed a contract
With my heart

It allowed me to open up
Allowed my emotions to flow
Didn’t have to hold my guard up
Made me able to grow


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I didn't deserve this
by Reem Khalaf

It took me one day
to mourn you
and 3 years
to mourn myself

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Now we're Ghost
by Lily Isong

Now we're ghost

We lived
We loved
We hurt, we got hurt
We fell into the deep red sea
We struggled to survive it
The current and chemistry was stronger than our mortal bodies.
We died


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Musing 4
by Shuvo Chakraborty

If the doll is dead,
Mind wails at heart behest,
No perjury against the tears
Being confined in eyes corner,
Simmering in sunshine as sand
upon the river bed in moonlight,
Wither with the passing days like the winter hays; another doll is bought
By ferthing ere the mists of sorrow are erased.

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Whisping Flame
by Jonathan Martin

The fire is lit it shall stay:
Arriving now peace is clear.
It seems as though we will never turn grey,
Complacent we grow longing for frontier.
The winds have answered and over the mountain range
A storm appears longing for change.
But now in the storm our fire suffers,
We take place in different shelters.
It seems inevitable but also impossible.
No one ever seems responsible,


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Recent Ex Poems
by Tom F


Her in the waiting room that stands out for all the wrong reasons, but don’t worry she’s too tall to be. Her on the train with the big blue eyes that don’t sparkle like.
Her in the bar wearing the same perfume as. Her in a photo with a big colourful scarf that I know ’d love.

Her over there with the blonde hair that makes me double take just to make sure it’s not. Her at the concert dancing and singing like there’s no orrow. Her exploring and taking pictures just like used to do. Her in the cafe booking her next adventure away which is something she loves more than anything, just like.

My life revolves around her, cant you see? Everything.
I hate that I notice her all the time.
She will always be her, but never be, you.


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Musing 17
by Shuvo Chakraborty

Dance, dance the moon in late night
Wearing the veil of mid winter fogs.
The livings are in dead sleep,
Dead are partly alive in gentle wind,
All winged messengers of belated hour
Frisking elsewhere stealing over the shadows.
Stage in haven looking best on mandarin mists ,
Inviting self with millions winking jewels engraved,
High time to set the trimming feet on rhythmic spree
And be mystic blonde restless in the hallowed dale.


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Musing 16
by Shuvo Chakraborty

Rummage the entire year upon a floor
And pick the losses and gains with hens perfection,
Hide all the emotions mollified and blanch setbacks behind the heart fortress,
Drop the lonely ideals and lofty honest thoughts on bedside basket
With maternal care to hatch consciousness in very next year.
The battle line obvious of late year will be fizzled out
In the midst of mid night clamours and celebrations and on sirens,
Let come out of blanket of misgivings with stout determination on new morning,
Infuse then teenage blood in every combats of life trampling the contempt
And conquer the fragile faith like a knight in table round.


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Musing 15
by Shuvo Chakraborty

Acknowledge our eternal struggle to tame the minds restless,
Midnight rats or in hares temper whether common or prodigal,
Like the sky cloudy, clear, foggy or in dark or in light,
Cold or moderate or sometime hot and intruders several.
More external is it is focus more weeds gathering like a river slim,
Germinate the stench more rather the odor of sandal or rose,
Heap of words and information most unessential and quite pinching.
Those can push it back internal and can cage it by concentration rare
Or by utter devotion and commitment or through divine meditation
Float with the evening star with glory steadfast and immortal.


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Musing 14
by Shuvo Chakraborty

More ye nearer the fire or proximate to a savage passion,
Perspiring overture in profuse embrace of salty water,
A melting fast candle slim or heavy upon the fragile bed.
Whispers of warm utterances and embrace turn you white to red,
Hearts yonder in appreciation of such chill surroundings.
What you hear or to be heard from the distant or near
Has had some serious chasm in actual.
No incessant blow from hot desert throughout the serious hours,
It is the brisk intrusion of mist from the shaking and more demanding,
Spreading plenty of snowy flakes around and seeks summer instead.


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