Anthony Savino

August, 20, 1994 - Connecticut
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Broken Memory

Broken Memory

I’ve done it to myself, went back to memory lane where your smiles brought joy to my heart,
not pain.
That smile was for your daughter

Do I just love to feel pain? Oh i love to feel pain of broken memories,
broken hearts,
man that shits insane.

I went to your SPACE and saw a girl that looked like Grace,
my heart starts to sink I thought this was fate.

No it was just a painful reminder of what I once had,
I’ll probably follow my dads fate,
Drinking to the pain, trying to chase the dragon with a pipe and needle in my hands,
Thats not my habit

Thats just todays thoughts,
my mind changes as often as the Sun goes up and goes down, thats one thing I can rely on.
A consistent sun.

The sun rises, so I must too.
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