Godwins Ratlabala

Northern Province, South Africa

Dear Dr. Nelson Mandela

Congratulations on your landslide victory! This crowning glory of your grand inauguration, Gives your people their well-desired satisfaction. "Namhla si ne elikhulu inhlahla, Ngoba nangu uPresident wethu uRolinhlahal." Here is the real hero: Dr. Nelson Mandela. Here is the ideal hero: Dr. Nelson Mandela. As this country's State President, He is its first resident: For, he has won the majority votes through the ballot papers, Exactly as predicted by many of this country's major newspapers. As head of this fledgling state, He does not other races hate. He does not want the majority, To be ruled by the minority: Although he know that: Truth does not necessarily depend upon the majority, But may also be held by the minority: If such truth depends solely on impartiality, And no ton vested interests and partiality, If such truth is fundamentally undeniable and based on objectivity, To ensure the exclusion of all such forms of exclusivity. But in politics, social justice, economics, true democracy, fairness and peace depend on the majority, To this basic principle of justice, they must bow down those who are in the minority. He is the champion of the cause of the poor. He is also promising politician who is a doer. He is not a bit opposed to this people being freely Christianized; For, Christianity goes hand in glove with being better and eternally civilized: For, only proper and fitting fruitful education, authentic and credible Christianity can produce a lasting and enduring civilization, For, the attainment of spiritual and guaranteed by Christianization. His faith, hope, knowledge of history, politics and law sustained his high frustration tolerance, For, the love for his people, God, liberation and freedom also nourished his perseverance. He exudes a personality that is likeable and pleasant. With the needs of his people he is well conversant. He is liked for his pleasant personality and refined humour. He just does not believe in hearsay evidence or rumor. He is always in a cheerful mood. Moderately though, he does take his food. He does not use his position to horde money. His political speeches and words are not phoney. He works with ardour and untiring zeal, For the love of his people's weal. For the truth, fairness and justice he will always firmly stand, He will ably guide and lead his people in their fatherland. As a politician he is keen and shrewd. As a leader, he strictly condemns amongst his followers, lawlessness, For no human being has in his behavior shown flawlessness. In his political leadership, he strictly follows the rule of law, As a human being, he also has many a minor flaw. He is not given to outbursts of anger, For that is for his person a danger, Nor is he irritable, Neither is he irascible. He has a pricking conscience, Formed by the sacred science. He hates injustice, Bias and prejudice. He is always not proud. He does not talk loud.
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