Leon Thomas Lee

Stay In School

Stay in school, don't be a fool
A dropout gets left out
A dropout gets pushed out
Show me your name, what does it mean
Show me your ring, you're in the scene
Without an education there is no beginning
With education you are winning
Stay in school, student maintain your cool
It's so hard to get a job now days
Without education just be on your way
Show me your car, what does it prove?
Show me youe diploma, you're in the groove
You don't have to be smart to finish school
But you are a square if you are not there
Dropout, you can start back
Students that are in school
You are on the right track
You can stand around the corner
Watching the school bus go by
You know deep down inside you want to cry
It is good to stop drinking
It is good to stop smoking
When you are thinking about stopping your education
My friend you better start thinking
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