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I Love My Bible
by Mary Jacqueline Simon Moo

I love my Bible, for it is
The pure inspired word;
It came from God; it leads to bliss;
Its author is the Lord.

I love my Bible for the truth
Revealed on every page;
It taught me wisdom in my youth,
It cheers my hoary age.


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Death Is But A Sleep
by Carl Rex

A mourning train passed slowly by the Savior's worn out men
The subject being one young man who passed out dead just then
He left this world so young, so soon - his widowed mother too
The air was drenched with wails and shreiks, it was a terrible view

He was a dear and helpful man, the loss was keenly felt
The women wept with sincere tears, their hearts for them did melt
The kids were sad with teary eyes and followed with a sigh
The men were lost in deepest thought, they wondered "oh God why?


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His Holy Word
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Heart raptures are often revisited,
When poring over the things He said;
And as a rousing drama replays again,
All evergreen is love's aged domain!

Words of prophets in the mind recur;
The divine tales of each messenger-
How Moses by God obtained the law,
Then merciful Jesus, who had no flaw.


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You Taught Me
by Abasiama Udom

You taught me Papa,

that the way to heaven is paved with lack and tears

that they who wear finery will never see the street of Gold.

You taught me that blessings come from God,

You said I only need to commit to prayer.


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Psalm 23
by Joseph Ogbonna

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Even when in a famished state I hunt,
In pastures green and lush with abundance,
He renews my spry and exuberance.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
In gardens of drought He will fortune plant.
He leads to quiet pools of fresh water
from which I draw strength and endless laughter.


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Recent Bible Poems
Origin of sin
by Leon Manko

Sin comes from within
God teaches his servants.
Sin permeates our being
Which is our observance.

Eve trusted her eyes,
Instead of her ears.
She likes what she sees,
Above what she hears.


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The work of the Holy Spirit
by Leon Manko

We are working out our faith while God is working in,
the Holy Spirit sanctifies us through Gods word in Him.
God from all eternal past had called us to be chosen,
Then later made our hearts anew and they became unfrozen.
Gods Spirit works in each of us to bring to our remembrance,
He quickens the Word in each of us and leads us to repentance.
The Holy Spirit breaks sins grip and by His power frees us,
He also leads us into all the truth concerning Jesus.
The Holy Spirit, our comforter, in God he helps us trust.
Assures us we are sons of God, while He intercedes for us.


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The difference between guilt and shame
by Leon Manko

Remorseful expression for someone you maim.
Or anger and withdrawal, from others you blame.
One shows empathy, the other’s for fame.
And that is the difference between guilt and shame.

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Am I myself a pharisee?
by Leon Manko

Do I find fault in others, and miss it in me?
Is it hard to forgive my family?
Has my self-righteousness led to tragedy?
Am I myself a pharisee?

Can I walk by someone who has a need?
Do I look down on others with impunity?
Do all my ways serve only me?
Am I myself that pharisee?


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There are some real Christian brothers, who sin more often than some others.”
by Leon Manko

The best keepers of Gods law look down,
Comparing themselves by themselves around. (2 Cor 10:12)

And outwardly if you’re better than others you’ll see,
How you’ll be included in service and not me. (Luke 11:27)

They’ll smile at, and talk to, and to your face are kind,
But their hearts are far from God and they’re terribly blind. (Matthew 23:27)

For any love that they have is a fleshy love at best.


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