Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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Death Is But A Sleep

A mourning train passed slowly by the Savior's worn out men
The subject being one young man who passed out dead just then
He left this world so young, so soon - his widowed mother too
The air was drenched with wails and shreiks, it was a terrible view

He was a dear and helpful man, the loss was keenly felt
The women wept with sincere tears, their hearts for them did melt
The kids were sad with teary eyes and followed with a sigh
The men were lost in deepest thought, they wondered "oh God why?

If God was good and strong and kind, why would He let him die?
His single mom now left alone, her needs who would supply?
Why such a lovely family should suffer tragic loss?
Why God can't do a miracle and raise him back to life?

Little did they realise that they're about to meet
The human form of God they serve now walking down their street
With tenderest love and caring heart the Savior read their mind
How sad that death should enter in the world He had designed!

But Death was nothing but a sleep to this Eternal God
Just like a potent, silent seed now resting in it's pod
He had all power to wake the dead and make the man stand tall
Dry bones and bloodless heart or brain - obey His gentle call

The Savior went beside the mom and whispered "Do not cry"
For soon He'll touch the funeral bier - the power of death defy
The movements ceased as they stood still to witness on that slope
All praying for a miracle and hoping against hope

He had healed the sick with Divine powers, He cast out demons too
This Man has got His strength from God the people did construe
But can He use His pow'r o'er death, His life to dead infuse?
And would He prove His strength once more, the people did peruse

The Mighty One at last did speak, His tone was in control
"Young Man I say to thee - Arise" as He called out his soul
At once he sprang up to his feet in response to His Voice
And the town all filled with awe did suddenly rejoice

This same Master did exclaim standing by His own grave
"I am Resurrection and Life - death's portals I did brave
The depths of hell I did exploit, fear makes no sense to Me
I hold all powers in heaven and hell, death from my face shall flee"

Dear reader are you grieving now the loss of your dear one
Know this our Jesus holds the key, the victory He has won
One day the skies shall roll away, the Trump of God shall sound
And out will walk all dead in Christ and in His love abound

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