Leon Manko

Carson City, Michigan March 1st 1976
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The work of the Holy Spirit

We are working out our faith while God is working in,
the Holy Spirit sanctifies us through Gods word in Him.
God from all eternal past had called us to be chosen,
Then later made our hearts anew and they became unfrozen.
Gods Spirit works in each of us to bring to our remembrance,
He quickens the Word in each of us and leads us to repentance.
The Holy Spirit breaks sins grip and by His power frees us,
He also leads us into all the truth concerning Jesus.
The Holy Spirit, our comforter, in God he helps us trust.
Assures us we are sons of God, while He intercedes for us.
The Holy Spirit bestows our gifts the measure which God assigned,
Living our lives for God and others, bearing fruit for all mankind.
The Holy Spirit, our guarantee, until we shall acquire,
possession of eternal glory among the heavenly choir!
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