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I Sensed a Change
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

While I was walking through a meadow, of blooms and sunshine,
I stopped to spread my blanket, for a gay picnic at lunchtime.

It was very pleasant, and I had brought many good things to eat.
Afterwards I took a refreshing nap, in the cozy summer suite!

Upon awaking I walked some more, and then chose to take a swim,
And on the way I whistled, happy as a birdie singing on a limb!

When I reached the creek, I stripped down to my green swimsuit,


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An Adventure
by Louise Gluck

It came to me one night as I was falling asleep
that I had finished with those amorous adventures
to which I had long been a slave. Finished with love?
my heart murmured. To which I responded that many profound discoveries
awaited us, hoping, at the same time, I would not be asked
to name them. For I could not name them. But the belief that they existed—
surely this counted for something?
The next night brought the same thought,
this time concerning poetry, and in the nights that followed


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A World Without Pity
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

After wishing me a good morning, he said that it was all set,
It was time to raze the house, even though I wasn't in debt!

But they wanted to build a big highway, exactly in this spot,
Like a beaver zealously builds his dam, by any means he's got.

The city had emminent domain, which was certainly the way of it.
Though offered twice the home's value, I liked it not one bit.

"The tree on this lot is a hundred years old," I said to the man,


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The Bard of Ancient Smyrna
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

After enjoying a pleasant walk, I then spent an hour at a park,
And I relished the dulcet sounds, of cheery airborne skylarks.

The blooms were so lovely, all sultry in the fervid sunshine,
And the hummingbirds were in bliss, with their tour of daytime.

Ducks upon the cool clear lake, gaily uttered the solitary word,
As the thunder retains the only sound, that it has ever mastered!

The beautiful butterfly frenzy, was from bloom to bush to tree,


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I Failed I Fear
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

It is all my fault, for I am in command,
We sped into space with aspirations grand.

As we neared lightspeed, we saw pulsars,
And twinkling stars, deep space memoirs.

The cosmic sights were dazzlingly unreal-
Red giants and colorful nebulae surreal!

Stars as blue as the fountain of youth,


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Recent Adventure Poems
On the Seas of Night
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I loved sailing upon the blue sea, and I was never too far from it,
As one who knows sweet cravings, is seldom far from chocolates.

In my previous much loved vessel, I had sailed a thousand miles,
As rainbows are seen from a distance, bringing on happy smiles.

My entire family enjoyed sailing, which I'd mastered in my youth,
As the throngs lie ignorant, until the blush dawn moment of truth.

I had been to so many places, that I could not recollect them all,


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A trip to Tsango Lake
by Nimesh Bhandari

As the Roads crawled Teesta, flanked by hills,
We climbed up the valley, to stay with the clouds still.

As the peaks of snow suddenly appears,
The fate of the road, the turn, makes it disappear.
But My eyes still gazed for the beauty divine,
Their touch, their ego, so feminine.

At the hut we stop, to salute the tricolor,
And the echoes of the Anthem are in the valleys fervor,


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I never cared to do the dangerous things, and liked to play it safe,
But the strict bonds of ordinariness, can oftentimes start to chafe.

I always preferred to cover my bets, for I hated the idea of failure,
Like the early days of colorful gardens, when greys fell out of favor!

Since childhood I had been this way, for losses are not easy to bear,
Like a moon present with the golden sun, saying he won't go anywhere!

I was the same way with money, and very cautious with my investments,


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

The very fact of being alive, often causes one to seek adventure;
And sometimes it is no deterrent, when it carries traces of danger.

I was not a seasoned survivalist, but very much loved the outdoors,
Like varicolored flowers of summer, that are theirs mine and yours!

The red robins enthralled me, chanting down the brass sunny days,
In the way of the wild and free ones, adapted to their warm ways.

My friends were very like me, for we had many matching interests,


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Dreams and Ruby Slippers
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Down the yellow brick road, in a place not very far,
In a land I heard of, you find out who you truly are.
Just follow the magical road, of friendship and love,
For adventure awaits, and things you are dreaming of!

The sparkling ruby slippers, will soon take you there,
To a fabled Emerald City, over the rainbow somewhere.
No room for evil doubting, but faith is what you need;
And ruby slippers on a path of blooms, of hope's seed!

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